20xUnhappiness5.png War Weariness is a measure of people's feelings toward war overall. Interpreted as the citizen's "disapproval" toward war. If war never changes, War Weariness will change how war is fought. As the game progresses, the citizens of your empire will become more and more aware of the dangers of prolonged conflicts and begin to develop War Weariness. Along with reducing happiness, War Weariness also reduces the amount of Unit Supply, an empire's limit to maintaining an army and also contribute toward a war mechanic known as Warscore. This stat changes how much a civilization can continue to wage war as a civilization will be continuously unhappy and deprived of raw materials to contribute more toward further war efforts without a ceasefire or peace treaty. However, war weariness does not immediately start after a war is declared. Usually after a war is declared, the civilization becomes enthusiastic or fearful and have its war weariness reduced initially, although if the war takes too long, the reduction may be marginally valuable.

Levels of War Weariness[edit | edit source]

  • Minor: The effects of war weariness are minor to the war effort. A civilization is still able to sustain a strong army and public approval for a particular war.
  • Moderate: The effects of war weariness are moderately damaging to the war effort. Civilizations should look toward lessening their scale of war as their armies and public approval are slightly hampered.
  • Major: The effects of war weariness has become instrumental to the war efforts. Civilizations need to look toward making peace as their armies and public approval are disappearing to a point of lack of resources and enthusiasm/fear for this war now.
  • Overwhelming: The effects of war weariness has become to a point where the public controls the war efforts. Civilizations who are losing to an ideologically-dominant civilization will find themselves in this stage of war weariness as large armies will disappear and public approval of a certain war will immediately demand a capitulation or peace.

Mechanics of War Weariness[edit | edit source]

War weariness is asymptotic. For a few turns (8 on Standard speed) nothing happens, then after some (32) more turns it affects max/2 % of the population, then asymptotically approaches max %, where max = 20 on Standard.

When you make peace, the current value is halved immediately and then starts decaying by a random amount between 1 and 3 per turn. If you have multiple wars going, the highest number counts (worst peace or worst war).[1]

Liberating a City now reduces your current war weariness by 25%.

Sources of War Weariness[edit | edit source]

  • Ideological Pressure.
  • Length of your current war.
  • The largest amount of damage your cities and armies have sustained in a single combat against your opponent you are currently fighting.
  • Unit and Cities lost in War.
  • Negative War Score
  • Cultural Influence of the Enemy over Yours
  • Technological Levels
  • Fighting versus a Civilization with a much larger tourism level over you.
  • Adopting certain policies and tenets can reduce war weariness.
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