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Specialists in Vox Populi are much more powerful. They get additional Yields with various Techs, Wonders, Policies and Beliefs.

Food Consumption:Edit

Specialists consume variable amounts of 20xFood, based on your current Era:

Ancient-Medieval: Specialists consume 3 20xFood
Renaissance: Specialists consume 4 20xFood
Industrial: Specialists consume 5 20xFood
Modern: Specialists consume 6 20xFood
Atomic: Specialists consume 7 20xFood
Information: Specialists consume 9 20xFood

Bonus yields for All Specialists (includes Laborers):Edit

World WondersEdit

Statue of Liberty: +1 20xProduction
International Space Station: +1 20xScience5
Empire State Building: +1 20xGold
Giorgio Armeier (Corporation): +1 20xCulture

Bonus yields for Specialists (excludes Laborers)Edit

Korea's UA: +1 20xScience5, +1 20xScience5 in Medieval, Industrial, and Atomic Eras
Mastery (Follower Belief): +1 to Base Yield (20xGold for Civil Servant[CSD])


Academics (Rationalism): +1 20xGold
Shadow Networks (Statecraft): +1 20xScience5
Iconography (Fealty): +1 20xFaith
Humanism (Artistry): +1 20xCulture
Industry Finisher: +2 20xProduction
Civil Society (Freedom): Half 20xFood consumption from all Specialists
Majesty (Traditon0; Half 20xFood consumption from all Specialists in Capital


Icon has an orange colour.

Base: 3 20xProduction
Machinery: +1 20xProduction
Industrialization: +1 20xScience5
Rocketry: +1 20xProduction
Lasers: +1 20xProduction
Factory: +1 20xGold


Icon has a yellow colour.

Base: 3 20xGold

Currency: +1 20xGold
Carvansary (Building): +1 20xGold
Economics +1 20xProduction
Flight +1 20xGold
Telecommunications +1 20xGold
Telecommunications +1 20xProduction


Icon has a light blue colour.

Base: 3 20xScience5
Theology: +1 20xCulture
Astronomy: +1 20xScience5
Scientific Theory: +1 20xScience5
Atomic Theory: +1 20xScience5


Icon has a magenta colour.

Base: 3 20xCulture
Architecture: +2 20xProduction
Plastics: +2 20xCulture
Computers: +2 20xCulture


Icon has a dark green colour.

Base: 3 20xCulture
Printing Press: +2 20xCulture
Military 20xScience5: +2 20xScience5
Internet: +2 20xCulture


Icon has a brown colour.

Base: 5 20xCulture
Radio +3 20xCulture
Satellites +3 20xGold

Civil Servant (CSD)Edit

Icon has a dull purple colour.

Base: +2 20xGold (+2 w/ Mastery), 20xScience5, 20xCulture
Navigation: +1 20xGold
Replaceable Parts: +1 20xScience5
Internet +1 20xCulture


Icon has a red colour.

Base: 1 20xProduction
Civil Service: +1 20xGold
Industrialization: +1 20xGold
Fertilizer: +2 20xProduction

Great PeopleEdit

Bonus yields for All Great People ImprovementsEdit


Tradition Finisher: +1 20xFood
New Deal (Freedom): +4 to base Yield (or +2 20xFood and 20xGold for Towns)
National Treasure (Aesthetics): +3 20xCulture (Don't apply to Landmarks)


Knowledge Through Devotion (Reformation): +3 20xFaith, 1 20xCulture

Academy (Great Scientist):Edit

GS now give 20xScience5, but it's fixed @ birth

Base: 6 20xScience5
Physics: +3 20xScience5
Scientific Theory: +3 20xScience5
Ballistics: +3 20xScience5
Nuclear Fission: +3 20xScience5
Research Lab (Building): +4 20xScience5

Town (Great Merchant):Edit

Great Merchants gives 20 turns of WLTKD in Cities and 20xGold, but only 1 Influence when used for the Trade Mission in City States.

Base: 2 20xFood, 4 20xGold; 1 more 20xGold, 20xProduction if on a City Connection or 2 more 20xGold, 20xProduction from a Railroad connection. If a trade route passes over this tile, receive 1 or 2 more 20xGold and 20xProduction for Roads and Railroads, respectively.
Banking: +2 20xGold
Architecture: +2 20xFood
Railroad: +2 20xFood
Refrigeration: +2 20xGold

Holy Site (Great Prophet):Edit

Base: +4 20xFaith, +5 20xCulture, +3 20xTourism
Receives +5 of some Yield from your Founder NW
Acoustics: +4 20xFaith
Archaeology: +4 20xCulture
Flight +4 20xTourism

Landmark (Archaeologists):Edit

Gains +1 20xCulture AND 20xGold per difference in era.

Satellites: +2 20xCulture
Telecommunications: +2 20xCulture
Egypt UA: +5 20xGold and 20xTourism

Manufactories (Great Engineer):Edit

Formula is now 250 + 25* Pop Hammers when used to hurry 20xProduction; can also finish Wonders in the same turn.

Base: +5 20xProduction
Metal Casting: +2 20xProduction
Fertilizer: +2 20xProduction
Combined Arms: +2 20xProduction

Citadel (Great General):Edit

May not be built next to each other or in enemy territory. Naval units can enter a Citadel built along the coast

Base: +1 20xScience5, 20xProduction
Gunpowder: +2 20xScience5
Military Science: +2 20xProduction
Advanced Ballistics: +2 20xScience5
Mobile Tactics: +2 20xScience5

Embassy (Great Diplomat [CSD]):Edit

Gives 1 more vote in the World Congress. Built in City State territory, each City State can only have one

Base +2 20xGold, 20xCulture and 20xScience5
Civil Service: +1 20xGold
Printing Press: +1 20xCulture
Military Science: +1 20xScience5
Atomic Theory: +1 20xScience5, 20xGold
Telecommunications: +1 20xCulture

  • Great Musician gains can move through all territory without needing OB
    • New Concert Tour effects - grants flat amount of 20xTourismTourism with the Target civilization based on your recent 20xTourismTourism per turn (12 turns on normal). # of turns increased by 1 for every owned work of Music (so 5 works = 17 turns of 20xTourism calculated). Also grants owner of Musician player 3 Happiness.