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Community PatchEdit


  • Lots of work on AI production logic for units and buildings (much, much improved)
  • Major work on the naval, operational, homeland and tactical AIs
  • Worked on Deal AI in many ways, esp. re: GPT logic (Won't deprive itself of GPT as easily)
  • Work on AI specialist/tile logic for city AI (more specialists generally)

M*ajor turn-time DLL optimizations and improvements (game should feel noticably faster)

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements (github etc.)
  • Minor text fixes and compatibility elements
  • C4DF: Liberating a dead major civ makes them your vassal by default.
  • EUI: added type before religion belief in banner/city tooltips (helps new/old users see what each belief is, type-wise)

Minor Barbarian overhaul:Edit

  • Fixed barbarian competitive spawning model so that progressively stronger units will spawn properly (CP)
  • Barbs near iron will spawn units that require iron, and barbs near horses will spawn units that require horses (CP) - these units will not spawn otherwise
  • When a camp is created, a second unit is spawned next to it - this makes hunting camps more dangerous, but also more rewarding (CBO)
  • Units in camps will upgrade as barbs gain technologies - unattacked camps will now remain competitive as the game goes along (CP)
  • Barb camps can now spawn much closer together, and much closer to minor civilizations - makes the 'destroy barb camp' quests a little more common and should make it so that barb camps remain a threat into the early medieval period. (CBO)
  • Barb camps also spawn on top of resources - if there is a barb camp on a resource, you won't know about that resource until you clear the camp! (CBO)
  • Barb cities should also be a bit more 'alive' than they used to be (CBO+CSD)

Community Balance OverhaulEdit


  • Increased Tourism from Historic Events by about 20%, and Trade Route events by about 40% (impact of these needs to be felt a bit more clearly)
  • Culture goody hut now 15 (Was 10), value also scales based on # of owned policies.
  • Decreased late-game tech cost by about 5%.


  • Stonehenge now +2 Faith (was +3)
  • Porcleain Tower moved to Architecture, no longer Rationalism unlock
  • Empire State Building now the Rationalism unlock (porcelain tower came too late)
  • Reformation National Wonders now give 1 vote per 10 cities following, not 8


  • Huns - Eki gets +1 Production at Chivalry (along with +1 Food), only +1 production at Ecology
  • Maya - Kuna science gains at Mathematics and Astronomy increased by 1
  • France - Gets a culture boost from conquest whether or not they steal GWs
  • China - UA growth boost now 75% (was 50), all GP spawns trigger UA boost (not just 'natural' spawns) - fixed bug that halved growth from WLTKD via UA
  • Inca - reduced Science on mountains by 1 (scaling)


  • Tradition opener now +2 Culture (was +3)
  • Piety - Finisher now +3 yield in city with majority religion (was +2)
  • Syncretism now +3 science (was +2)


  • Reverted 'science from conversion' nerf for Evangelism