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Community PatchEdit


  • More MP Fixes (Shoshone Pathfinder selection now works properly in MP).
  • Achievements now work when using modpack in SP.
  • Fixed Japan UA not triggering on certain GG/GA acquisiton types
  • Assorted bugfixes and improvements for tactical AI, and Events System
  • Worked on settler AI logic
  • Merged work from Iamblichos and Ilteroi, including bugfixes and optimizations for the pathfinder and other systems (more merges to come)
  • Fixed archaeologists acting odd in some situations
  • Some deal AI improvements for WC vote logic
  • Worked on AI war/peace desirability logic - AI should hop out of war once it has *accomplished its goals (or if it is getting punched)
  • Worked on Vassalage acceptance/desirability logic
  • GP points over a city's cap 'roll over' into the next pool (instead of being erased) when a GP is born.
  • Improved naval and invasion AI quite a bit (navies are a real terror now!)
  • Fixed some barbarian shenanigans, and made camps a little more 'reactive' to getting punched (if you attack a unit in a camp, there's a much better chance of a unit spawning from the camp to counterattack you).

Community Balance OverhaulEdit


  • Reduced votes from World Religion WC vote slightly (should gain 1-2 fewer votes as religion founder)
  • Increased spy tech/heist required time
  • Moved Fish tech reveal to trapping (was fishing), Banana to The Wheel (was Calendar). *Getting all bonus resources onto tier 1 makes the first 50 turns of techs a little more adaptable.
  • Halved free culture from Culture goody hut
  • Reduced free production from Production goody hut by 10
  • Increased free tiles from Tile goody hut by 1
  • Reduced late-game tech costs slightly (10-15%)


  • Buffed RCS on Dromon by 1, CS on Trireme/Galley/Quinqureme by 1
  • Flipped Cataphract and Mandekalu Cavalry in tech tree/positioning (Mandekalu now a horseman, Cataphract now a Knight)
  • Removed adjacency production bonus from Moai
  • Increased Terrace Farm base yields (gains +1 Production and +1 Food)

Base Mountain yield for Inca now 2s/2g/1fa, scaling with era. Ranges do not matter.


  • Asceticism - no longer 'for every two followers' - now for every follower, capped at 15
  • Scholarship - now caps at +10
  • Jesuit Education - buildings purchased this way gain +6 science
  • Faith of the Masses - buildings purchased this way gain +5 culture
  • Sacred Sites - +3 tourism (was +2) from Hotels and faith purchase buildings - doubled hermitage bonus.
  • Zealotry - new element added: Strategic Resources in owned territory provide +25% their normal amount.
  • Evangelism - reduced missionary science bonus by 20%