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Community PatchEdit


  • Bugfixes, optimizations, general improvements, CTD fixes (lots!)
  • Improvements to barbarian logic, pathfinder, stability, etc. (tons!)
  • Final steps of MP stablization and implementation almost complete (yay!)


  • Iroquois: +20% CS Strength within 3 tiles of a NW (UA underwhelming for non-forest expansions, this should help a little)
  • Polynesia: Removed NW-related UA elements, moved CS Moai bonus to Moai text. Now gains +2 Food from Atolls/Fishing Boats and Melee Boats can make Fishing Boats
  • Japan: New UA - Gain Great Writer/Artist/Musician Points in Capital when Great Generals and Great Admirals are born. Civilizations you lack a Trade Route with cannot send routes to you, and have a -50% Tourism penalty with you.
    Dojo: now affects Melee/Gun/Mounted/Armor units. Bushido effect (stronger when damaged) moved to Bushido promotions here - so that part of UA is now only for melee land units, but is also stronger (up to 34% of damage as CS, up from 20%)

National Wonders:Edit

  • Heroic Epic (and other 'promotion from future-built' promotions) grants Morale to all units created by city (past or future)


  • Decreased unit supply modifiers from population to 25% for Settler->Warlord and AI and 20% for Prince->Deity
  • Smaller unit cap should help control absurd unit spam possible in some late-game scenarios, and actually make 'free' units from policies more valuable.