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Community PatchEdit


  • Bugfixes and general optimizations
  • Rework of Pathfiner QoL for multi-turn moves, and fixed some short move issues for the aI
  • Fixed bugs in AI unit production logic of civilian and late-game unit types like air/carrier units
  • Major improvement of AI naval handling and operational efficiency
  • Fixed some quirks in AI operational logic for some missions
  • Most outstanding github issues (that are not mod conflicts or user errors) fixed
  • Tuned diplo AI to be a little more reactive to warmonger/war and good attack situations
  • Ramped up personality impact of AI on diplomacy a little (AI's 'quirks' should become a little more apparent)

Community Balance OverhaulEdit



  • Ottoman Siege Workshop - now scales its science granted by production cost of unit made (20% of unit cost converted to science)
  • Japanese Dojo - now uses a simple formula to make higher level units more valuable (to discourage spam/delete) and grants Culture/Science/Faith in lesser amounts to compensate.
  • Added GW Art slot to Artist's Guild
  • America - gains +25 Golden Age Points when it purchases a tile
  • Russia - loses Science from tile purchases, but increases Science from natural tile gain to 25
  • Brazil - Bandierantes moved to Compass (like Explorer), CS increased by 1


  • New UI for Events Overview- much more descriptive lists of events, with better readability. Can also be sorted and more clearly distinguished.
  • Spies can now setup 'heists' in non-capital, major-owned cities: When moving spies to these cities, you are presented with the option of stealing techs or great works
  • Using the same system as techs, your spies will build up turns until they can steal great works
  • The great works that can be stolen are only those in cities in which you have a spy/spies (so GWs in the capital are always safe, and the more spies you have in an empire, the more GWs you can pull from)
  • Type (Art/Music/Lit) randomly selected, but all possible to steal!

AI trained how to use system as well!