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Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Fixed some issues related to third party peace logic with minors in peace deals
  • 3rd party peace brokering: Now requires a warscore of +75 or more to negotiate (should only occur in the event of a major victory)
  • Fixed some Pantheons persisting if you did not found a religion and/or have your cities converted
  • Austrian UA now recovers influence properly (if negative)
  • Made some adjustments to the AI to encourage more opportunitstic martial activities, especially in the early game
  • Fixed Event bonuses not always applying to new cities properly
  • Adjusted deal tech valuation to avoid zero values
  • Added default value for Game.GetMinimumVassalTurns() and Game.GetMinimumVoluntaryVassalTurns() for nonstandard speeds
  • Fixed Border growth being blocked by promises in some instances
  • Fixed EIC double luxury logic re: GP and Kasbah improvements
  • Fixed vanilla bug re: remaining at war with dead civs
  • Fixed ally war/peace logic for Minors in some instances
  • Adjustments to AI major-major diplomacy and military construction logic
  • Adjusted some diplomatic values to make the AI more sensitive to war/peace and victory conditions
  • Fixed some event and text issues
  • Puppets now use default AI instead of Growth AI
  • Optimizations of AI messenger/diplomat AI routines
  • Bugfixes and merges with Iamblichos and Ilteroi code bases
  • Fixed some JFD things and added JFD requests


  • Ritual overtuned a little - brought down to 30% (was 50%)
  • Buff scripture a little - now 30% (was 25%)


  • Japan: Dojo loses Culture/Production from Iron/Horses. Instead, gains following ability: when a unit created in this City levels up, gain Culture based on its current level. (Current scaler: 15 Culture x unit level) Design: Japan has the potential to be a real cultural powerhouse via the creation and maintenance of high-experience units.
  • America: Removed Museum requirement for Smithsonian, moved to Scientific Theory, added Broadcast Tower to Culture/Science bonus of Museum.
  • Polynesia: Moai gain +1 Production from adjacent Moai (in addition to existing +1 culture). Moai connections can be hard to make - this makes those connections even sweeter.
  • Siam: Wat moved to Theology, price dropped to 275. Good building, but came too late to really have the impact it should.
  • Germany: Hanse base gold now +5 (was +2), gains additional Merchant specialist. Should help Germany in the mid-game, when it really starts to turn on its diplomatic engine.
  • Greece: The Acropolis now has 150% more acrop (raised defense from 4 to 10). Forgot about the Acropolis when making defense adjustments to walls etc.