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Community PatchEdit


  • Fixed a few smaller quirks
  • AI will no longer spread religion outside of their own cities for you if they aren't the founder of the faith (AI will not be your pawn!)
  • Reduced AI early expansion slightly (should build more early infrastructure)
  • Fixed limited barb camp spawning
  • Worked on AI unit/building production some more
  • Worked on AI religious logic quite a bit
  • Worked on Military AI and target selection functionality
  • Fixed a few operational and homeland AI quirks


  • Fixed a few EUI-related errors regarding yields/happiness not refreshing properly
  • Fixed EUI cityview purchase button not having an effect
  • Worked on 3rd party war/peace interface for all versions
  • New lua for policy system and natural wonder scaling/promotion popups.

Community Balance OverhaulEdit


  • Reduced natural pressure range for Religion by 2 (roughly 10% - reach was just a hair too long)
  • Reduced late-game policy reqs for wonders by 2-3 policies
  • Increased Tourism from Historic Events, Policy bonuses and building bonuses by around 10%
  • Shouldn't result in rampant early tourism contenders, but should get things closer to popular by the medieval era, which is more fun for culture players.
  • Incorporated Natural Wonder rework
  • Yields scale with era, promotions granted to newly-created units (if valid) after NW is owned
  • See pedia for details
  • Halved Religous Unrest as an unhappiness source, but increased Specialist and tech curve unhappiness elements to compensate
  • Religion shouldn't be quite so destructive now.


  • Simplified branch and ideology unlock system
  • Imperialism/Industry/Rationalism moved to Industry as tech prereq
  • Ideologies now unlock at Atomic (was Modern)
  • You need to unlock 6 policies for medieval branches to become available, and 12 for industrial.
  • You need 18 policies total for ideologies
  • These changes simplify the system, spread all 'branch jumps' out to two eras between each, and push ideologies back just a little.


  • Finisher: for every 4 CS allies, the # of policies required to unlock a Wonder are reduced by one.
  • Scholasticism - gains 'tourism from CS trade route' element


  • Science from Strategic Resources now 5 (was 2), Science from Villages now 3 (was 2)
  • Rationalism was, actually, underperforming a bit for science-heavy civs.


  • Fixed some event bugs and UI issues
  • Streamlined some event elements related to the DLL
  • New event 'linking' system to replace existing 'active/not active' event/choice system. See Enginseer's event development thread for more on this (note: events that use the now-deprecated linker method will no longer be supported as of the next DLL version! Please switch over to the new system now!)


  • Reduced natural pressure of India slightly (10% reduction)



  • Holy Law buff: for every 8 cities following your Religion, the # of policies required to unlock a Wonder are reduced by one.====


  • Ritual: now 50% distance (was 30%), added 'triples pressure from owned trade routes' element
  • Should make it a contender with Scripture, especially for civs with lots of trade routes and/or civs like India.


  • Defender of the Faith - now +15/+15% when defending (was 10/10%), +3c +2f from defensive buildings (was +1f)
  • Knowledge Through Devotion - grants GWs +1 Culture
  • Glory of God - reduced yield bonus to 30 (was 50)


  • Increased defensive power of Orders building (now matches Walls), also now 15XP (was 10)
  • Cathedral now +1g/+1p (was just +1g) for Farms