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In the Community Balance Patch, social policies have been changed dramatically with the reforming of every policy tree. The 9 social branches are divided into 3 specific eras: Tradition, Progress (Liberty), and Authority (Honor) unlock in the Ancient Era; Fealty (Piety), Statecraft (Patronage), and Artistry (Aesthetics) unlock in the Medieval Era; and Industry (Commerce), Imperialism (Exploration), and Rationalism unlock in the Industrial Era. You also earn cumulative benefits for adopting multiple policies from the same tree. Finally, some World Wonders are now linked to different trees and some have been unlinked (For example, the Pyramids were linked to the Liberty tree, but now the Forbidden Palace has taken its place). Wonders linked to policy trees can only be built if the relevant tree has been completed and you have researched the necessary technology.

Each tier of policies can be unlocked by getting 6 other Policies or advancing 2 Eras. To unlock access to Ideologies, you must unlock 18 Social Policies (and at least have reached the Industrial Era) or reach the Atomic Era, whichever comes first.

The previous system was needing 3 Finishers for Ideologies.

For information regarding Ideologies and their Tenets, visit the Ideologies page

Tradition (Ancient Era) Edit

Tradition focuses on generating Great People and the construction of an impressive Capital.

Adopting Tradition grants:

Each Tradition Policy grants an additional:

  • +5% 20xFood Growth in all cities.
  • +1 20xFood Food in the Capital.

Adopting all Policies in Tradition grants:

  • Unlocks building the University of Sankore (20xScience5 Science per GP spent and Free Mosque).
  • +1 20xFood Food from all Great Person Improvements and Landmarks.
  • Throne Room built in Capital Capital (+10% to all Yields, 1 Artist (Civ5) Musician Specialist, 1 Great Work of Music slot, GoldenAge5 Golden Ages last 25% longer).
  • Allows for the purchase of Great Engineers with 20xFaith Faith starting in the Industrial Era.
Policy Effect Requirement
Justice Cities with a garrison gain +50% 20xRangedStrength5 Ranged Combat Strength. Royal Guardhouse built in Capital Capital (1 Engineer (Civ5) Engineer Slot, +3 20xStrength5 Defense, +25 Hit Points, +3 20xProduction Production).

Cities gain +1 20xProduction Production.

Sovereignty 20xCulture Culture cost of acquiring new tiles reduced by 20% (exponentially) in all Cities. Court Chapel built in Capital Capital (1 Artist (Civ5) Artist Slot, 1 Great Work of Art slot, +3 20xFaith Faith). -
Ceremony Palace and National Wonders with Building requirements gain +1 20xHappiness Happiness. Court Astrologer built in Capital Capital (1 Scientist (Civ5) Scientist Specialist, +3 20xScience5 Science) +1 Science from Councils and Herbalists in every City. Justice, Sovereignty
Splendor Expending a GreatPeople Great Person grants 50 GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points and 20xCulture Culture, scaling with era. Palace Garden built in Capital Capital (1 Artist (Civ5) Writer Specialist, 1 Great Work of Writing slot, +5 20xFood Food). +2 20xCulture Culture from Monuments, Gardens and Baths in every City. Ceremony
Majesty Specialists in Capital Capital consume half the normal amount of 20xFood Food. State Treasury built in Capital Capital (1 Merchant (Civ5) Merchant Specialist, +4 20xGold Gold, +25% GreatPeople Great Person Rate in the Capital.). Ceremony

Progress (Ancient Era) Edit

Progress is best for civilizations which desire robust infrastructure and scientific advancement.

Adopting Progress grants:

  • Receive 20 20xScience5 Science when a 20xPopulation Citizen is born in your Capital Capital, and 15 20xScience5 for every 20xPopulation already in your CapitalCapital, scaling with Era.
  • Receive 15 20xCulture Culture when a Technology is researched.

Each Progress Policy unlocked grants an additional:

  • 10 20xCulture Culture when a Technology is researched, scaling with Era.

Adopting all Policies in Progress grants:

  • Unlocks building the Forbidden Palace (Cheaper 20xGold Gold Purchases and Poverty Reduction).
  • Receive 15 20xGold Gold when a 20xPopulation Citizen is born, scaling with Era.
  • Allows for the purchase of Great Writers with 20xFaith Faith starting in the Industrial Era.
Policy Effect Requirement
Liberty A Worker appears near the Capital Capital. Tile improvement rate increased by 25%. +2 20xGold Gold in every City. -
Organization Workers and Trade Units are trained 25% more quickly, and +1 20xMovement5 Movement for Civilian Units.

+2 20xProduction Production in every City.

Expertise +10% 20xProduction Production towards buildings. Cities earn +10 20xFood Food and 20xCulture Culture when they construct Buildings, scaling with Era. Organization
Equality +1 20xHappiness Happiness for every 15 20xPopulation Citizens in your Empire. 20xUnhappiness5 Unhappiness from Poverty, Illiteracy, Boredom, and Crime reduced by 5% in all Cities. Liberty
Fraternity +3 20xFood Food in every City, and +3 20xScience5 Science for 20xCityConnection City Connections. Liberty

Authority (Ancient Era) Edit

Authority will greatly benefit warlike and expansionist civilizations.

Adopting Authority grants:

  • +25% combat bonus VS barbarians, and receive an announcement when a Barbarian Camp spawns in revealed territory.
  • Gain 20xCulture Culture when you kill Units and clear Barbarian Camps.
  • +1 20xProduction Production in every City.

Each Authority Policy unlocked grants:

Adopting all Policies in Authority grants:

Policy Effect Requirement
Dominance Killing a military unit generates 20xScience5 Science based on the 20xStrength5 Strength of the defeated unit. All melee units heal for 15 points after killing a military unit. Unit Supply generated by 20xPopulation Population increased by 10%. -
Tribute Cities gain 15 20xGold Gold and 20xFood Food when their borders expand. Gain 25 20xCulture Culture in your Capital Capital when you demand Tribute from City-States. Bonuses scale with Era. -
Imperium A free Settler appears near the Capital Capital. Receive 30 20xScience5 Science and 20xCulture Culture when you found or conquer cities, scaling with era. Conquest bonus also scales based on City 20xPopulation population. Tribute
Discipline Each City with a garrison generates +1 20xHappiness Happiness and +2 20xCulture Culture. 20xGold Gold maintenance for units reduced by 15%, and for Routes by 50%. Dominance
Honor Units gain +10% 20xStrength5 Combat Strength. A Supply-Free Military unit spawns near all Cities that reach a multiple of 10 20xPopulation Citizens(or have already exceeded 10 20xPopulation Citizens). 20xUnhappiness5 War Weariness reduced by 25%. Discipline

Fealty (Medieval Era) Edit

Fealty is best for empires focused on Religion, City 20xProduction Infrastructure, and 20xFood Growth.

Adopting Fealty grants:

  • Can purchase Monasteries with 20xFaith Faith. (+1 20xFaith Faith, +3 20xFood Food, +3 20xScience5 Science).
  • -25% 20xFaith Faith costs for purchasing Buildings, Missionaries, and Inquisitors.

Each Fealty unlocked grants:

  • +1 20xFood Food and +3 20xStrength5 Defense in every City.

Adopting all Policies in Fealty grants:

  • Unlocks building the Red Fort (Free Great Engineer and Arsenal. Grants City great 20xStrength5Defensive power).
  • The 20xTourism Tourism modifier for Shared Religion is increased by 25%.
    • Cities that follow your Majority Religion generate +2 20xScience5 Science, 20xFaith Faith, 20xProduction Production, 20xCulture Culture.
  • Allows for the purchase of Great Artists with 20xFaith Faith starting in the Industrial Era.
Policy Effect Requirement
Nobility +1 20xHappiness Happiness and +2 20xFood Food from Castles, +2 20xGold from Armories, and +100% 20xProduction construction rate of Castles and Armories. -
Organized Religion +50% Pressure in all nearby Cities without your majority Religion, and +1 20xFaith Faith from Specialists. Nobility
Serfdom Pastures generate +1 20xGold Gold and 20xProduction Production. +1 20xCulture Culture for every 4 non-Specialist 20xPopulation Citizens. +50% Yields from Internal TradeRoute Trade Routes. Nobility
Divine Right Positive 20xHappiness Happiness is added to your Empire-wide 20xCulture Culture rate. -10% Unhappiness from 20xUnhappiness5 Boredom. Nobility
Burghers +15% 20xProduction production and city Border Growth doubled during 'We Love the King Day.' * Trade Routes to Civilizations with more Techs and/or Policies than you generate +4 20xScience5 Science and/or 20xCulture Culture. Serfdom

Statecraft (Medieval Era) Edit

Statecraft Improves your ability to benefit from TradeRoute Trade Routes, City-States, SpySpies, and the World Congress.

Adopting Statecraft grants:

  • +1 of Every Yield in your Capital Capital for every 15 20xPopulation Citizens in your Empire.
  • +1 20xGold Gold in every City.

Each Statecraft Policy unlocked grants:

  • +1 20xGold Gold in every City and +10% Influence Influence from Trade Missions.

Adopting all Policies in Statecraft grants:

  • Unlocks building the Palace of Westminster (More Delegates for the World Congress and Reduces Poverty).
  • Every World Congress Session, gain 20xCulture Culture, 20xScience5 Science, and 20xGold Gold based on the number of Delegates you control, scaling with Era.
  • World Wonders require 1 less Policy for every 3 CS Allies you maintain.
  • Allows for the purchase of Great Diplomats with 20xFaith Faith starting in the Industrial Era.
Policy Effect Requirement
Foreign Service +1 of every Strategic Rescource for every 3 City-State Alliance you maintain.

Earn Great Diplomats 50% faster.

City-States Quests Rewards increased by +50%.

Trade Confederacy +25% Yields from TradeRoute Trade Routes originating in your Capital Capital or a Holy City. Gain +1 Influence Influence (per turn) with City-States that you have a TradeRouteTrade Route with. -
Shadow Network Receive one or more additional Spy Spies (based on number of City-States in game).

+3% 20xCulture Culture in the Capital Capital for every active SpySpy or Diplomat (up to 30%).

Constabularies and Police Stations generate +3 20xScience5 Science.

+1 20xScience5 Science from Specialists.

Foreign Service
Consulates +1 Delegate in the World Congress for every 8 City-States originally in the World. When you complete a TradeRoute Trade Route to a City-State, receive a 20xTourismTourism boost with all known Civs. Shadow Network
Exchange Markets Resources from City-States count toward Global Monopolies. +1 TradeRoute Trade Route, and +1 20xHappiness Happiness for every active TradeRoute Trade Route.

The 20xTourism Tourism modifier for Trade Routes is increased by 15%.

Trade Confederacy, Shadow Networks

Artistry (Medieval Era) Edit

Artistry allows you to maximize the potential of Great Works, GreatPeople Great People, and GoldenAge5 Golden Ages.

Adopting Artistry grants:

  • +100% construction rate of all guilds.
  • +25% GreatPeople Great People Rate in all cities.

Each Artistry Policy unlocked grants:

  • +1 20xScience5 Science and +2 GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points in every City.

Adopting all Policies in Artistry grants:

  • Unlocks building the Louvre (Free Great Artist, 2 Archaeologists, a Museum, and 4 Art/Artifact Slots for Culture Theming).
  • Completing an Archaeological Dig or Entering a GoldenAge5 Golden Age generates 20xTourism Tourism with all known Civilizations.
  • Allows you to see Hidden Antiquity Sites.
  • Landmarks +3 20xScience5 Science and GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points.
  • Allows for the purchase of Great Musicians with 20xFaith Faith starting in the Industrial Era.
Policy Effect Requirement
Humanism Great Works of Art gain +2 20xCulture Culture, Artifacts +2 20xScience5 Science, Music +4 20xGoldGold, and Literature +3 GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points.

+1 20xCulture Culture from Specialists

Refinement +1 20xHappiness Happiness for every 3 Great Works in a City. +10% 20xCulture in all Cities during GoldenAge5Golden Ages. All Guilds gain +1 20xHappinessHappiness. -
Heritage +100 GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points when you Construct World or National Wonders, scaling with Era. +4 20xTourism Tourism and GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points from Universities. Humanism and Refinement
National Treasure A GreatPeople Great Person of your choice appears near your Capital Capital. +50 20xGold Gold when you expend a GreatPeople Great Person, scaling with Era. Refinement
Cultural Exchange The 20xTourism Tourism modifier for Open Borders with other Civilizations is Increased by 20%. +2 20xCulture Culture and +2 20xProduction Production from Ampitheatres and Opera Houses. Heritage

Industry (Industrial Era) Edit

Industry provides bonuses to empires focused on Gold and Production.

Adopting Industry grants:

  • 10 20xGold Gold each time you construct a Building, scaling with Era.
  • -5% 20xGold Gold needed for purchases.

Each Industry Policy unlocked grants:

  • -5% 20xGold Gold needed for purchases.

Adopting all Policies in Industry grants:

Policy Effect Requirement
Free Trade Great Merchants are earned 50% faster.

+5 20xGold Gold from TradeRoute International Trade Routes. Poverty Threshold reduced by 15% in all Cities.

Division of Labor +2% 20xProduction Production and +2% 20xGold Gold from Forges, Windmills, Workshops, Factories, Train Stations, and Seaports. 20xGold Gold investments in Buildings reduce their Production cost by an additional 10%. -
Entrepreneurship +1 20xGold Gold and +2 20xProduction Production from every Mine, Quarry, and Lumbermill.

+25% Yields when you expend Great Merchants and Great Engineers. for an instant yield boost.

Free Trade
Mercantilism +1% 20xScience5 Science and +3% 20xCulture Culture from every Caravansary, Market, Customs House, Bank, and Stock Exchange.

+100% 20xProduction Production when constructing Train Stations and Seaports.

Division of Labor
Protectionism Receive two additional TradeRoute Trade Routes. Yields from internal TradeRoute Trade Route increased by 33%. Entrepreneurship, Mercantilism

Imperialism (Industrial Era) Edit

Imperialism enhances your ability to spread your empire through military power, particularly naval (and later air) supremacy.

Adopting Imperialism grants:

  • +1 20xMovement5Movement for Naval units, Embarked units, and Great Generals;
  • +1 Sight for Naval and Land melee units.
  • -10% 20xGold Gold required for Military Unit upgrades.
  • +10% 20xProduction Production towards Military Units.

Each Imperialism Policy unlocked grants:

  • +5% 20xProduction Production towards Military Units.
  • -5% 20xGold Gold required for Military Unit upgrades.

Adopting all Policies in Imperialism grants:

  • Unlocks building the Pentagon (Cheaper Upgrade Costs, Spies are better at Disrupting 20xProduction Production, and Gives Supply per City).
  • Each Air unit stationed in a city increases the City's Defense by 3, and reduces Unhappiness from needs by 3%.
  • Naval units gain the Ironsides Promotion (Units become stronger as they take damage).
  • Allows for the purchase of Great Admirals with 20xFaith Faith starting in the Industrial Era.
Policy Effect Requirement
Martial Law Constabularies provide +1 20xHappiness Happiness.

Puppet City yield penalties reduced by to 50% (from 80%).

Garrisons no longer require 20xGold Gold maintenance.

Colonialism +10% to Yield and GoldenAge5 Golden Age duration modifiers from Global Monopolies;

+4 to Yields and 20xHappiness Happiness from Global Monopolies.

Barracks, Armories, Military Academies, Forts, and Citadels provide +3 20xScience5 Science and +1 20xCulture Culture.

Exploitation Farms, Camps and Plantations gain +1 20xProduction Production and +2 20xFood Food.

All Ocean, Coast, and Lake tiles gain +2 20xScience5 Science and +1 20xProduction Production.

Military Units can be upgraded in territory owned by Vassals and friendly City-States.'

Martial Law, Colonialism
Regimental Tradition Earn Great Generals and Great Admirals 33% more quickly. Great General and Great Admiral Combat Bonuses are increased by 10%, and their Aura size by 1. Colonialism
Civilizing Mission Receive a large sum of 20xGold Gold, (was 100 scaling,

now 150 scaling). when you conquer a city.

Puppeted cities, and cities with a Courthouse, gain +10% 20xProductionProduction towards buildings, with an additional +10% per Era difference between your current Era and the building's Era.


Rationalism (Industrial Era) Edit

Rationalism focuses on maximizing Growth and Science output.

Adopting Rationalism grants:

Each Rationalism Policy unlocked grants:

  • +1% 20xScience5 Science and -1% 20xUnhappiness5 Unhappiness Threshold for all Needs.

Adopting all Policies in Rationalism grants:

  • Unlocks building the Bletchley Park (Free Research Lab,+1 20xScience5 from Scientists, 2 more Spies and levels up existing Spies, reduces effect of Enemy Spies by 15%, protects own Spies from failure of Advanced Action, and more likely to Disrupt 20xProduction Production of World Wonders and stealing 20xScience5 Science).
  • +33% Great Scientist rate in all cities.
  • +25% 20xFood Growth in all cities.
  • Allows for the purchase of Great Scientists with 20xFaith Faith starting in the Industrial Era.
Policy Effect Requirement
Scientific Revolution Allows for the construction of Observatories in all Cities (+6 20xScience5 and 2 Scientist (Civ5) Scientist Slots).

+3% 20xScience5 Science in a City for every Great Work present (up to 20%).

Enlightenment Receive 1 Free Technology.

+15% 20xCulture Culture and 20xFood Food during a WLTKD.

+1 20xHappiness Happiness from Universities.

Empiricism Foreign Spy Spies are 34% less effective in all owned cities. Specialists consume 1 less 20xFood Food (min 1). Scientific Revolution
Free Thought Halves 20xUnhappiness5 Religious Unrest in all cities.

+25% Yields when you expend Great Scientists for an instant yield boost.

Rights of Man +1 20xFood Food for every non-Specialist Citizen in a City.

+2 20xProduction Production and 20xGold +1 Gold from every Village.