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Tile improvements are buildings or installations constructed outside of cities. Each improvement changes the properties of the tile where it's built, usually adding potential to it. Improvements are unlocked via certain technologies. Also, there are some improvements only available to certain civilizations. And finally, there are certain improvements that can only be built by using Great People.

Improvements built on certain strategic and luxury resources are required for an empire to access the resources' special properties.

Improvements are susceptible to pillaging by Barbarians or enemies. When an improvement is pillaged, it will be inactive until repaired by a Worker.

This is the list of improvements in Vox Populi

Tile ImprovementsEdit

These improvements can be built by a Worker (or a Work Boat), given the appropriate technology and provided that the tile meets the requirements for the improvement. Improvements remove forests and jungles unless otherwise specified. Building with a Worker requires several turns, while the Work Boat finishes the improvement instantaneously.

Standard ImprovementsEdit

These improvements can be built anywhere there is appropriate terrain. Some may also connect resources.

Tile improvements Built on Effect
Farm (Civ5) Farm Plains, Grassland, Desert
Hill and Tundra with fresh water
Bonuses: Wheat
+1 20xFood
+1 20xFood per 2 adjacent Farms.
+1 20xFood with Civil Service (on fresh water tiles)
+1 20xFood with Fertilizer (on non-fresh water tiles)
+2 20xFood with the Freedom tenet Urbanization+2 20xFood with Harappan Reservoir

+1 20xFood per adjacent Terrace Farm

+1 20xFoodand 20xProduction with Exploitation

Fort (Civ5) Fort Plains, Grassland, Hill, Desert, Tundra, Snow
Not next to an existing Fort.
+50% Defense
Naval units may enter if constructed on a coast.
Lumber mill (Civ5) Lumber mill Forest Does not remove Forest
+1 20xProduction
+2 20xProduction with Industrialization (fresh water) or
+2 20xProduction with Combustion (no water)

+1 20xProduction with Ostrog

+1 20xProduction, 20xGold with Entrepreneurship
+1 20xProduction with the Order tenet Five Year Plan

Lumber mill (Civ5) Lumber mill Jungle Does not remove Jungle
+1 20xGold
+2 20xFood with Industrialization (fresh water) or

+2 20xProduction with Combustion (no water)

+1 20xProduction with Ostrog

+1 20xProduction, 20xGold with Entrepreneurship
+1 20xProduction with the Order tenet Five Year Plan

Mine (Civ5) Mine Hill
Strategics: Iron, Coal, Aluminum, Uranium
Luxuries: Gold, Silver, Copper, Gems, Salt, Amber, Jade, Lapis Lazuli.
+1 20xProduction
See the Resources page for more detail.

+2 20xProduction with Forge
+1 20xProduction with Machinery and Steam Power
+1 20xProduction (on fresh water tiles) with Steel
+1 20xProduction with Industrialization (on non-fresh water tiles)

+1 20xProduction with Ostrog
+1 20xProduction, 20xGold with Entrepreneurship
+1 20xProduction with the Order tenet Five Year Plan

Village (Civ5) Village Plains, Grassland, Hill, Desert, Tundra +3 20xGold, +1 20xCulture
+1 20xGold, +1 20xProduction pre-industrial on City Connections and +2 20xGold, +2 20xProduction w/ Railroad or later.
+3 20xScience5, +2 20xCulture with Free Thought+1 20xGold when adjacent to a Polder

Transportation ImprovementsEdit

These improvements can be built on any passable land tile, including outside your own territory. They can be built alongside any other improvement, and do not remove forests or jungles.

Tile improvements Effect
Roads (Civ5) Roads -1 20xGold upkeep per turn
x2 20xMovement5 (x3 with Machinery)
+1.25 20xGold per city population for a city connected to the Capital
Railroads (Civ5) Railroads -2 20xGold upkeep per turn
x3 20xMovement5 to a minimum of 10
+20% 20xProduction bonus for a city connected to the Capital

Resource ImprovementsEdit

These improvements can only be built on an appropriate resource, which they connect.

Tile improvements Built on Effect
Camp (Civ5) Camp Bonuses: Deer, Bison
Luxuries: Furs, Truffles, Ivory
Does not remove Forest
+various see Resources
+1 20xGold with Economics+1 20xProduction with Ostrog

+1 20xFaith, +1 20xFood, and +1 20xCulture with Goddess of the Hunt

Fishing boats (Civ5) Fishing boats Bonuses: Fish
Luxuries: Whales, Crabs, Pearls
+1 20xFood on Fish, Whales, Crabs
+1 20xGold on Pearls
+1 20xGold with Compass+1 20xFaith, +1 20xProduction with God of the Sea
Offshore platform (Civ5) Offshore platform Strategics: Oil +3 20xProduction, +4 20xGold
Oil well (Civ5) Oil well Strategics: Oil +3 20xProduction
+3 20xGold, +1 20xProduction with Plastics (on fresh water tiles)
+1 20xProduction with Electronics (on non-fresh water tiles)
Pasture (Civ5) Pasture Bonuses: Sheep, Cattle
Strategics: Horses
+2 20xProduction on Horses,

+1 20xProductionand20xFood Cattle
+1 20xFoodand 20xGold on Sheep
+1 20xFood with Biology (non-fresh water)

+1 20xProduction with Banking (fresh water)

+1 20xFaith, +1 20xGold with God of the Open Sky

Plantation (Civ5) Plantation Bonuses: Bananas
Luxuries: Incense, Wine, Cotton, Dyes, Sugar, Spices, Silk, Citrus, Cocoa
+various see Resources
+3 20xFood, +1 20xGold on Bananas+1 20xProduction with Herbalist (Longhouse +1 20xProduction, 20xFood)
+1 20xGold with Chemistry (fresh water)

+1 20xFood with Economics

+1 20xGold, 20xProduction with Plastics (non-fresh water) +1 20xFaith, +1 20xCulture with Goddess of Springtime

Quarry (Civ5) Quarry Bonuses: Stone
Luxuries: Marble
+1 20xProduction on Marble, +2 20xProduction on Stone+1 20xProduction with Steel and

+1 20xProduction with Dynamite (non-Fresh Water) or
+1 20xProduction with Steam Power &

+120xProduction with Electricity (on fresh water tiles)
+1 20xProduction, 20xGold with Entrepreneurship
+1 20xProduction with the Order tenet Five Year Plan
+1 20xFaith, +1 20xGold with God of Craftsmen

Unique Tile ImprovementsEdit

These improvements are only available to certain civilizations, but do not replace a generic one. They are not used to connect resources.

Unique tile improvements Unique to Built on Effect
Brazilwood camp (Civ5) Brazilwood camp Brazil Jungle Does not remove Jungle
+1 20xGold, +2 20xCulture with Monopoly
+2 20xCulture with Acoustics
+2 20xCulture with Radio
+2 20xCulture with Physics
Chateau (Civ5) Chateau France Next to a Luxury, but not next to another Chateau +3 20xFood, +2 20xGold, +2 20xCulture
+50% Defense
+1 20xCulture with Printing Press
+2 20xGold, +1 20xCulture with Flight
Eki (Civ5) Eki Huns Can only be built on flat Grassland or Plain tiles without access to Fresh Water.

Can be built in or adjacent to Hunnic territory.

Removes any features on the tile.

+1 20xFood, +1 20xProduction, +1 20xCulture

+1 20xProduction per two adjacent Eki.

+1 20xFoodat Chivalry.

+1 20xGold at Economics.

+1 20xFood at Fertilizer.

+2 20xProduction at Ecology.

Encampment (Civ5) Encampment Shoshone Not adjacent to other Encampments. +2 20xFood, +1 20xProduction, +1 20xCulture

+15% Defense.

Enemy units take 5 damage if they end their turn next to an Encampment.

+1 20xFood, +1 20xCulture at Rifling.

+1 20xProduction, +1 20xScience5 at Ecology.

Feitoria (Civ5) Feitoria


Coast, not adjacent to another Feitoria, no resource on the tile

+3 20xProduction, +3 20xGold
+25% Defense
Adjacent coast and lake get +1 20xGold
Adjacent fishing boats get +1 20xProduction
+2 20xCulturewith Printing Press
+2 20xProductionwith Industrialization 
+2 20xGoldwith Astronomy

Feitoria (Civ5) Feitoria Portugal City-State coastal territory (No Resource on the tile) 1 copy of each of the City-State's Luxuries
+25% Defense
Pillaging counts as an act of war.
Kasbah (Civ5) Kasbah Morocco Adjacent to cities +1 20xFood, +2 20xProduction, +2 20xGold, +2 20xCulture
+30% Defense
+1 20xCulture with Radio
+1 20xCulture, +1 20xGoldwith Architecture
Kuna (Civ5) Kuna The Maya Forest, Jungle, and not adjacent to another Kuna. Does not remove Forest or Jungle

+1 20xScience5, +2 20xFaith

+1 20xScience5 with Mathematics.

+1 20xScience5 with Astronomy.

+2 20xScience5 with Archaeology.

+1 20xCulture with Flight.

Moai (Civ5) Moai Polynesia Coastal territory +1 20xCulture, +1 20xProduction
+1 20xCulture per adjacent Moai

+1 20xProduction with Construction

+1 20xCulture with Astronomy

+1 20xCulturewith Architecture
+1 20xGold with Flight.

Polder (Civ5) Polder Netherlands May be built on tiles with access to fresh water. +3 20xFood, +1 20xProduction, +2 20xGold

+1 20xGold for each adjacent Village or Town.

+1 20xCulture with Chemistry
+1 20xProduction, +2 20xGold with Economics.

Terrace farm (Civ5) Terrace farm Inca Hill +1 20xFood, +1 20xProduction
+1 20xFood per adjacent Mountain

and per adjacent Terrace Farm

+1 20xFood to all adjacent Farms
+1 20xFood with Civil Service (on fresh water tiles)
+1 20xFood with Fertilizer (on non-fresh water tiles)

Great Tile ImprovementsEdit

These improvements are built by Great People. All great tile improvements can be built on any passable land terrain type, and connect any resource on the tile.

Great tile improvements Built by Effect
Academy (Civ5) Academy Great Scientist +6 20xScience5 +3 20xScience5 with Physics
+3 20xScience5 with Scientific Theory
+3 20xScience5 with Ballistics

+3 20xScience5 with Nuclear Fission

+4 20xScience5 with Research Lab

+4 20xScience5 with New Deal

Citadel (Civ5) Citadel Great General +1 20xScience5, 20xProduction+2 20xScience5 with Chemistry

+2 20xProduction with Military Science

+2 20xScience5 with Advanced Ballistics

+2 20xScience5 with Mobile Tactics

+100% Defense
Damages all enemy units that end their turn adjacent by 30% of their health.
Annexes all nearby tiles into your empire's territory when built (must be constructed on a tile in or bordering your own territory).

Can't be built adjacent to one another or in enemy territory

Customs house (Civ5) Customs house (Town) Great Merchant +2 20xFood, +4 20xGold+1 20xGold, 20xProduction if on a City Connection

+2 20xGold, 20xProduction from a Railroad connection

+1 or 2 more 20xGold and 20xProduction for Roads and Railroads if a trade route passes over this tile

+2 20xGold with Banking

+2 20xFood with Architecture

+2 20xFood with Railroad

+2 20xGold with Refrigeration

+2 20xFood, 20xGold with New Deal

Embassy (Civ5) Embassy Great Diplomat +2 20xGold, 20xCulture, and 20xScience5+1 20xGold with Civil Service

+1 20xCulture with Printing Press

+1 20xScience5 with Military Science

+1 20xGold,20xScience5 with Atomic Theory

+1 20xCulture with Telecommunications
Gives 1 more vote in the World Congress to the Civ that built it. Built in City State territory, each City State can only have one. Only functional while in City State territory and City State is independent.

Holy site (Civ5) Holy site Great Prophet +3 20xFaith, 20xCulture, and 20xTourism
+3 20xFaith with Acoustics

+3 20xCulture with Archaeology

+3 20xTourism with Flight

+4 20xFaith with New Deal

+5 of some Yield from your Founder NW

Landmark (Civ5) Landmark Archaeologist +2 20xCulture with Satellites

+2 20xCulture with Telecommunications
+1 20xCulture per Era difference between current and Artifact

+4 20xCulture with New Deal

+5 20xGold and 20xTourism for Egypt

Manufactory (Civ5) Manufactory Great Engineer +5 20xProduction+2 20xProduction with Metal Casting
+2 20xProduction with Fertilizer

+2 20xProduction with Combined Arms

+4 20xProduction with New Deal