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Unlocking Ideologies Edit

To unlock access to Ideologies, you must unlock 18 Social Policies (and at least have reached the Industrial Era) or reach the Atomic Era, whichever comes first.

Freedom Edit

Statue of Liberty: +1 20xProduction Production per Specialist and 1 Free Social Policy.

Level 1 Edit

Tenet Effect
Avant Garde The rate at which GreatPeople Great People are born in increased by 33%.
Volunteer Army 6 units are maintenance free. Receive 6 Foreign Legion infantry units immediately. Unit Supply generated by 20xPopulation Population increased by 15%.
Covert Action Chance of rigged elections and coups in City-States doubled. Receive one or more additional Spy Spies (based on number of City-States in game).
Creative Expression +2 Tourism 20xTourism from Great Works. Museums, Broadcast Towers, Opera Houses, and Ampitheaters gain +2 GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points and 20xCulture Culture
Economic Union Receive two additional TradeRoute trade routes. +6 20xGold Gold from trade routes with civilizations following Freedom.
Universal Healthcare Receive a free Hospital in every city. Receive 50 20xCulture Culture when a 20xPopulation Citizen is born in any City, scaling with Era.
Urbanization Farms, Plantations, Camps, and all Unique Improvements produce +2 20xFood Food.

Level 2 Edit

Tenet Effect
Arsenal of Democracy +15% 20xProduction Production towards military units. +10 Influence Influence with all known City-States when you expend GreatPeople Great People.
Capitalism 6 20xPopulation Specialists in each of your cities generate 20xHappiness Happiness instead of creating 20xUnhappiness5Unhappiness.
New Deal Landmarks and Great Person improvements produce +5 of the appropriate yield.
Their Finest Hour 20xStrength5 Combat Strength of cities increased by 33%. Can build B17 Bombers.
Transnationalism Each turn, there is a chance that a Corporate Franchise will appear in a foreign city. Global franchise maximum increased by 20%.
Universal Suffrage Golden Ages last 50% longer. Cities produce +1 20xHappiness happiness.
Civil Society Specialists consume only half the normal amount of 20xFood Food.

Level 3 Edit

Tenet Effect
Media Culture +25% 20xTourism Tourism and +1 20xHappiness Happiness generated by cities with a Broadcast Tower.

Stadiums +20% 20xCulture Culture.

Space Procurements May buy Spaceship parts with 20xGold gold. Allows you to build Spaceship Factories in half the usual time. +10% 20xScience5 Science from Research Labs.
Treaty Organization Gain 4 more Influence Influence per turn (at Standard speed) with City-States you have a trade route with. +4 delegates (scaling with map size) for the World Congress.

Order Edit

The Motherland Calls: 1 Free Social Policy. Free Police Station. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Crime by 30% in all Cites. Foreign Spies cannot incite a Rebellion or unrest in this City, and your Spies are much more likely to Disrupt Building 20xProduction Production, cause 20xUnhappiness5 Unrest, and incite Rebellion via Advanced Spy Actions.

Level 1 Edit

Tenet Effect
Communism 20xGold Gold cost of purchasing buildings reduced by 33%. +20% 20xProduction production when building Wonders.
Double Agents Receive three additional Spy Spies. Spies twice as likely to capture enemy spies in owned cities.
Guerrilla Warfare +15% attack bonus and +50% Experience for Military Units in friendly territory. Can build Guerrilla Fighters.
Hero of the People GreatPeople Great Person rate increases by 25%. A GreatPeople Great Person of your choice appears near your Capital Capital.
Peace, Land, Bread 20xUnhappiness5 Poverty reduced by 20% and 20xFood Growth increased by 20% in all cities.
People's Army Receive a free Military Academies in every City. Military Academies produce +1 20xHappinessHappiness and +3 20xCulture Culture.
Workers Faculties Factories increase City 20xScience5 Science Output by 10%. Build Factories in half the usual time.

Level 2 Edit

Tenet Effect
Academy of Sciences Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Illiteracy by 10% in all cities. Receive a free Research Lab in every city.
Cultural Revolution +34% Tourism 20xTourism to the other Order Civilizations. Spies steal technologies at double the normal rate.
Five Year Plan +20% 20xProduction Production towards Buildings in all Cities. +1 20xProduction Production on every Mine, Quarry, Lumber Mill, and Unique Improvement.
Great Leap Forward Receive two free Technologies.
Nationalization Corporate Offices (up to your Global Franchise limit) function as Franchises. Foreign Franchises no longer benefit your Corporation.
Party Leadership +5 20xFood Food, 20xProduction Production, 20xScience5 Science, 20xGold Gold, and 20xCulture Culture per city.
Resettlement New Cities have +3 20xPopulation population. All cities gain +2 20xPopulation Citizens immediately. No Partisans from razing enemy Cities.

Level 3 Edit

Tenet Effect
Dictatorship of the Proletariat +75% Tourism 20xTourism to civilizations with less 20xHappiness Happiness. +1 20xHappiness happiness from Factories.
Iron Curtain Free Courthouse upon city capture. +250% 20xFood food or 20xProduction production from internal trade routes. 20xCityConnection City connections generate +5 20xGold Gold and 20xProduction Production.
Spaceflight Pioneers Gain a free Great Engineer and Great Scientist. May finish Spaceship parts with Great Engineers, and expending a Great Person grants 100 20xScience5 Science, scaling with era.

Autocracy Edit

Prora: +2 20xHappiness Happiness and +1 more per 2 Social Policies. 1 Free Social Policy Enemy Spies cannot disrupt

World Wonder 20xProduction Production in this City. Receive 10 20xCulture Culture when you Pillage a Tile, scaling with Era. Must be built in a Coastal City.

Level 1 Edit

Tenet Effect
Elite Forces Newly created Military Units receive +15 Experience. Military Units gain 50% more Experience from combat.
Futurism Tourism 20xTourism bonus from Historic Events increased by 20%. +2 20xCulture Culture from Great Works. Earn 50 Tourism 20xTourism when you conquer a city for the first time, scaling with Era and city size.
Iron Fist Vassals can no longer rebel or be liberated by other Civilizations. Yields from Vassals and City-States increased by 50%, and +50% Worker improvement rate.
Lebensraum Receive 20xCulture Culture and GoldenAge5 Golden Age points when your borders expand. Citadel tile-acquisition radius doubled.
Military-Industrial Complex -33% 20xGold gold cost of purchasing or upgrading units. +3 20xScience5 science from 20xStrength5 Defense Buildings, Citadels, and Unique Improvements.
New World Order Reduces Crime in all cities by 20%. Police Stations and Constabularies provide +3 culture and +5 production, and are constructed 100% more quickly.
United Front Unit gifts to City-States generate 40 Influence Influence. While at war, Influence Influence with allied City-States does not decay, and Militaristic City-State unit gift rates tripled.

Level 2 Edit

Tenet Effect
Commerce Raiders +10% 20xProduction production from Seaports. +1 Oil and Coal for every City-State Alliance. Submarines and Melee Naval Units gain the Prize Rules Promotion.
Lightning Warfare +3 20xMovement5 Movement for Great Generals. Gun units gain +15% attack and ignore enemy Zone of Control; Armour units gain +15% attack and +1 20xMovement5 Movement.
Martial Spirit +25% attack bonus for 50 turns. War Weariness rate reduced by 25%, and razing speed doubled.
Police State +3 local 20xHappiness Happiness from every Courthouse, and +1 20xHappiness Happiness from Police Stations. Build Courthouses in half the usual time.
Syndicalism Corporate Franchises count double in the cities of civilizations you are at least Popular with. Does not count against Global Franchise maximum.
Third Alternative Quantity of Strategic Resources produced is increased by 100%. Reduce Unit 20xGold Gold Maintenance Costs by 25%.
Total War +25% 20xProduction production when building military units, and workers construct improvements 25% more quickly, and it is 50% easier to bully City-States.

Level 3 Edit

Tenet Effect
Air Supremacy Receive a free Airport in every city. +25% 20xProduction production when building air units. Can build Zeros.
Cult of Personality +50% Tourism 20xTourism to civilizations fighting a common enemy. 50% of your highest Warscore counts as a 20xTourism Tourism Modifier with all other civilizations. Free GreatPeople Great Person of your choice.
Tyranny Can bully friendly City-States. Doing so decreases the Influence Influence of all other Civs with that City-State by 25%, and increases your Influence Influence by 25%.