Unique Abilities

Arabia +1 from Historic Events

Assyria: techs or science from city conquest. +2 from Great Works

Babylon: Free GS. +50% Great Scientist generation

Celts: Unique Pantheons

- Dagda: +1 Science per 6 followers

- Epona: +15 scaling Science when borders expand

- Lugh: +4 Science in cities with specialists

- Ogma: +1 Science per 4 pop

- Rhiannon: +2 Science in every city

England: Can steal techs or raw science via the turn 1 spy

Egypt: Artifacts +5 Science

Ethiopia: free techs

Germany: +3 per CS ally, and +1 per CS friend, both scaling for era.

Korea: +2 Science from all Great Person Improvements. and +1 from Specialists, increasing by 1 in the Medieval, Industrial, and Atomic Eras. Earn Great People 50% faster during Golden Ages

Maya: Free GPs

Ottoman Turks: 100 scaling science for completing an international trade route

Portugal: Science from trade routes, 2 per 'RouteMovement'

Russia: +1 Science from SRs, +20 scaling from buying a tile

Siam: +75% from allied military CSes. Venice could use extra routes for science

Unique Units

Shoshone Pathfinder can pick a tech.

Unique Buildings/Improvements

Coffee House: 10% of culture converted into science

Dojo: +1 Science (relative to the Armory, which it replaces)

Encampment: +1 Science at Ecology

Hanse: 10% of gold converted into science

Kuna: +1 Science +2 Science at Archaeology +1 at Math +1 Astronomy

Murano Glassworks: 2 Art/Artifact slots (+5 science theming bonus)

Palazzo San Marco: +1 Science

Paper Maker: Scaling science from pop (1 flat science instead of flat 2 science) - 1 science per 4 citizens in city

Royal Library: Gives all Libraries +2 Science

Seowon: 20% Faster great people and 50% instant boost for science vs 33% for univ.

Skola: 1 per 3 pop vs 1 per 4 for the Public School.

Smithsonian: Gives all Museums +5 Science. +5 Science if themed.

Walls of Babylon: 1 Science and a Science specialist.

Wat: +2 Science from Temples and Shrines in the city.

World Wonders

Bletchley Park: +5 Science

CERN: Science Boost and +10 Science

Crystal Palace +2 Science for Factories

Great Library: Free Tech, +3 Science, and +3 Science if themed

Hubble: 2 Free GSes

ISS: 1 Science from Engineers, 33% more science from bulbing GSes.

Oracle: +1 Science

Porcelain Tower: 50% more from RAs or +25% Science boost in city 

Sankore: +1 Science. 50 Science for expending a GP. Free Mosque.



- Ceremony: +3 Science, Science specialist


- Opener: 30 scaling Science from a citizen born in the capital, scaling with era.

- Fraternity: +3 Science from city connections


- Dominance: 125% of CS on kill

- Imperium: Grants 30 science and culture from settling/conquering cities, scaling with era and city population


- Monasteries: +2 Science, scientist specialist

- Syncretism: +2 Science on Markets, Caravanasaries, and Harbors in cities following majority religion.

- Finisher: +2 Science in cities following majority religion


- Humanism: +3 Science on Amphitheaters, Opera Houses, Museums, and Broadcast Towers.


- Scholasticism: CS allies provide +33% of what they produce.


- Mercantalism: +2 Science from Customs House, Bank, and Stock Exchange.


- Military Tradition: Barracks, Armories, and Military Academies +3 Science

- Finisher: Ocean, coast, and lake +1 Science


- Opener: +5% Science when happy.

- Scaler: +1% Science when happy Finisher: +33% GS rate and can buy GSes with faith

- Academics: +1 Science from specialists Empiricism: +3 Science from SRs

- Enlightenment: +10% Science during GAs

- Free Thought: +2 Science from villages

- Finisher: +33% Great Scientist rate in all cities


- Academy of Sciences: Free Public School in every city

- Great Leap Forward: Two free techs

- Hero of the People: Free GP and +25% GP rate

- Party Leadership: +2 Science per city

- Worker Faculties: +3 Science from Factories


- Military Industrial Complex: +3 Science from Defense Buildings, Citadels, and UIs.

- Third Alternative: +10% yields in the Capital


Amber monopoly: +2 Science from resource tiles

Cloves: +1 improvement science

Whales: +1 base science. monopoly +10% science in all owned cities

Uranium: +1 base science, +1 improvement science, global monopoly +10% science in all cities

Oil: Global Monopoly: +3 Science from resource tiles

Horses: Global Monopoly: +3 Science from resource tiles


God King +1 Science for every 6 followers

Goddess of Renewal: +1 Science from herbalists

Goddess of Wisdom: 1 science per city

Council of Elders: Boost to science when a city adopts religion, 'YIELD_SCIENCE', 40

Council Of Elders NW Holy Council: +5 Science to Holy Sites

Holy Law: Science for purchasing a policy, YIELD_SCIENCE', 50

Theocratic Rule: +15% Science from We Love Days

Mandate of Heaven +15% Science in Holy City during Golden Age

MoH NW Celestial Throne: +2 Science Way of Transcendence: +300 scaling Science when you enter a new era

Cooperation: Gain 5 scaling Science when a citizen is born

Mastery: +2 Science on science specialists

Scholarship: 1 Science per 2 followers, max 15

Mosque: +3 Science

Synagogue: +15% science during We Love Days

Evangelism: Gain science when a missionary spreads to cities of other religions, I think is SciencePerOtherReligionFollower = '10'

Sainthood: +1 Science for every 6 followers in foreign cities

Global Commandments: +10 scaling science when hosting WC. 150 scaling for passing a proposal

Jesuit Education: Can buy Unis, Schools, and Labs with faith.

Glory of God: +50 scaling Science when expending a GP

Natural Wonders

Old Faithful: 6 Science

Barringer Crater: 5 Science

Great Barrier Reef: 2 Science

Krakatoa: 6 Science