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Game Info Edit

Allows your cities to build Aqueducts, increasing the 20xFoodFood that is carried over as your city grows. Also allows Workers to construct Forts on map tiles, increasing the defense of units stationed there. Additionally, bridges are automatically added to roads which cross rivers, allowing units to pass over them without slowing down.

Historical Info Edit

Engineering is the science (or art perhaps) of designing complex materials, structures, devices, and systems. In modern parlance it has a fairly wide reach - bioengineers design cells, software engineers create computer programs, and so forth - but historically the term was applied to the construction of physical stuff, like machines, bridges, railroads, factories, and so forth. (Originally the term "engineer" referred specifically to those who created military engines.)

Engineering came into its own in the 19th century, as countries around the world embarked on huge construction projects. Completed by the French in 1869, the Suez Canal connected the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, making it possible to sail from Europe to India without the long and arduous journey around Africa. The United States completed the transcontinental railroad in the same year, and the Brooklyn Bridge was constructed in 1883.