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Civilization Events are a set of Player Events exclusive to the Community Events. This is a list of all possible Civilization Events. This page includes only the 43 original Civilization Events

These Events are meant to reflect upon a historical and flavor element to the Civilizations being played. These Events require the Player to be in the Classical Era, while having a national population of 30.

For custom Civilization Events not part of the original 43 Civilizations, see here.

Generic Event: A Brave New World[]

This set of Civilization Event is given to all Civilizations that do not have compatibility with Community Events.

Just as it has always been, when our memories of the ancient world fade into twilight - a new era dawns to fill the void...

With this comes the responsibility of knowing the decisions you make today will have a lasting impact in the generations of tomorrow.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Birth of Greatness Renaissance Era Through our vision brought unique perspectives to the world to unlock the secrets of the universe. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Mobilization of War Advancement in military theory brought devastation to the world like none have ever seen. Receive a free unit in every city. A nation that tends to expand tends to expand through war...
Culture Endeavorment Renaissance Era Creating new designs that brought the world stage onto the masses and providing an experience, that many could ever imagine. +1 Happiness per City A nation that is content with itself may pursue the arts...
Dark Age Industrial Era and must be unhappy. Consumed by war and conflict, we have found little solace, rushing to actions on impulse, without forethought. Civilization revolts for 1 Turn and 2 Barbarian Units appear near every city. A nation in an unhappy time at an era of revolution is troubling...
Ideological Tenets Requires an Ideology and must be unhappy. However, there still exist of men who spread their ideologies with a heavy hand. And yet, some chose a different path striving for peace in their endeavors. Receive a free Social Policy. A nation with a strong system of beliefs tends to solidify that belief...
Brave New World Requires Atomic Theory. Although mankind will always look onward, yearning for more, searching for new boundaries, only to break through them with the understanding that this world is one which we all live in and share with. A Golden Age begins for 10 Turns. A nation that stands the test of the time will be tested to the end of time...

Making the Generic Event obsolete.[]

If you have a set of Civilization Event for your own custom civilization, you may opt in this SQL code which will disable the generic event for your said civilization if you have a set of Civilization Events. Create an SQL file, copy and paste, make the apprioriate changes inside.

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS CivilizationEvents(FileName);

An example of this would be applied to America if America was a new civilization added to Vox Populi.

America - Out of Many, One[]

A pioneer has approached the treasury seeking financial and legal backing for a daring enterprise.

What can this do for our country?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Innovative Invention Renaissance Era "It is an idea of brilliance!"

That's a brilliant idea! I'd like the record to show that this has the full support of the American government.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Sustainable Horses 3 Horses. "The presentation details how wild Horses, hunted to near extinction, could be repopulated."

We must secure the ecological and cultural heritage of our children.

Receive 2 copies of Horses.

All Horse resources yield +1 Culture and +1 Gold.

Introduction of Horses in the Americas
Manifest Destiny War with a City-State. 60 Population. "Population density is identified as highly irregular. Encouraging new settlement in the frontier could increase our prosperity tenfold!"

You are right! With so much land, we must encourage our people to expand beyond our horizons of the cities!

Receive a free Gold and Furs Resource.

+1 Tourism and Border Growth Point to Villages and Pastures.

Gold Rush

North America fur trade

Homestead Act

Veteran Pensions At least 1 Agribusiness. "The scheme seeks to utilize our veterans, whose many practical skills are going to waste in the cities, to stimulate the agricultural sector."

This plan is both elegant and timely. Integrating these men into urban society would be a nightmare.

Receive 2 copies of Horses.

+1 Food, +1 Culture, and +2 Gold to Pastures and Agribusiness.

+5% Illiteracy.

Civil War Pensions
Prohibition At least 1 Police Station. "The benefits of a dry state have been made clear"

We must prevent temptation from corrupting good Americans. If there's a small bit of bootlegging as a result, well... business is business.

Receive two free copies of Sugar.

Villages and Town yield +1 Gold.

+5% Distress.

18th Amendment

Roaring Twenties

Music Fairs At least 1 Atomic Bomb. War with a major civilization. "This entrepreneur believes the music industry could become unthinkably profitable, and requests legal assistance to aid his vision"

I don't see why the emergency law against public gatherings can't be relaxed for this remote 'music fair'. If all the hippies are sitting in some field, they can't be protesting the war!

Musician's Guilds produce +2 Gold and +2 Tourism per City. Hippie subculture movement

Arabia - No God but God[]

Caliph, the ulama have reviewed your submission, and are willing to hear you speak on the matter. My King, they request your presence in the council chamber immediately.

They will surely ratify your law, for it is just and holy.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Sharif Titlement Renaissance Era

"A member of your family who found himself on the wrong side of the clergy has repented his sins. You have begged to return his title to him."

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Incorporates the Bedouin Tribes

At least one amphitheater and oasis. 

We were once all men of the desert, and though we now have this sophisticated civilization, they are yet to be brought into the light!

"The council accedes to your plans on the basis that they are integrated into our culture and faith"

Desert Tiles yield +1 Food and +1 Production. +3 Culture to Oases.

Incorporating the Bedouin People
Grand Souk At least one Custom House.

The Capital's Bazaar is a great source of wealth, but it cannot grow under current religious laws.

"The council accept the necessity of the Bazaar, and will relax the forced closure at prayer time - only to foreign merchants"

Capital now receives an additional copy of every Luxury Resource within the city.

25% of Gold purchases in the Capital are converted to Faith.

The Grand Souk

Religious Institution

At least one Academy and 200 Culture(scaled) and researched Architecture.

Academic institutions are currently private affairs, it is in the interests of everyone to require a certain amount of oversight.

"The council agrees. These institutions will be overseen by senior clerics, under the strictest of supervision"

+4 Faith and +1 Science to Universities and Academies.
Religious Authority An Ideology, Holy City, and at least 250 Golden Age Points (scaled)

The plans of the Palace will help rehabilitate criminals and bring our sprawling cities into a new era of prosperity!

"The council considers the reduction of crime very important also. However, we have an alternative methodology..."

+2 Faith to Constabularies and Police Stations.

-5% Distress.

+25% Religious Strife.

Founding the OPEC Information Era and requires at least one Oil Well.

Currently, Oil is partially owned by private interests. If the clergy were to validate the crown in our efforts to ascertain... stewardship over these sources, then-

"The council is sympathetic to the crown in this matter. We look forward to... continued prosperity"

Receive 8 copies of Oil.

-2 Production to Oil Wells and Offshore Platforms.

+5 Gold to Oil Wells and Offshore Platforms.

OPEC Oil Crisis

Assyria - The Tablet of Destiny[]

Blessings of Ashur be upon you every day of your life, Great One. Forgive me for interrupting your study, but something has arisen.

Something pertaining to The Tablet...

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Rewards of Treasure Renaissance Era

"An adventurer has found a piece of the Tablet"

See that all hear of the handsome reward that was given for this relic!

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Amphibious Feats War with a City-State.

"Our bravest hero crossed a body of running water to lay the killing blow on our enemy while he slept, just as it was foretold!"

Let the evidence of our destiny be carved in every City of the Empire!

All units receive Amphibious Promotion. +1 Production to Monuments.

Artifact Discovery Oxford University, and at least 500 Science.

"The leading expert in ancient languages believes he can decipher our library of forgotten prophecies and record"

If the location of more of the Tablet is hidden amongst these slates, I must know of it!

+3 Faith to Libraries and Academies.

+3 Science to Temples and Holy Sites.

Religious Asylum At least 1 Arsenal and 1000 Culture.

"Once our enemies, a tribe of heathens fleeing their conquerors begs you for asylum. Just as was promised!"

This is the will of the Gods! We must fulfill the prophecy, and settle these people in our lands.

Unlocks the Sephardic Synagogue to the Assyrians.

+1 Culture and +2 Faith to non-Sephardic Synagogues

Assyrian Siege of Jerusalem
Ancient Temple Discovery At least one Landmark.

"A recent excavation has uncovered a massive temple complex, lost to history."

Restore this shrine and all others like it. When their homes are rebuilt, the gods will return. So it is written!

15 Turns of WLTKD.

+5 Production, +5 Science, and +5 Faith to Landmarks.

Musasir Temple

Wings of Valor War with a major civilization and researched Radio.

"Technological advancement has enabled our soldiers to fall, winged, from the sky."

The arrows of Ashur bringing the vengeance of the sun... Let the call go out, now is the time to fulfill our destiny!

4 Paratroopers spawn near the Capital.

All recon units receive the Wings of Valor (+25% Combat Strength vs Wounded Units, can force enemies to retreat and deal extra damage if they cannot).

Hypothetical Scenario.

Austria - The Blue Danube[]

Holy Roman Empress, your handmaidens would like to do a dry run of your dress for tomorrow's function. Perhaps I can arrange for some nibbles to be brought up?

Could we quickly go through these wedding invitations?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Royal Marriage Renaissance Era I think I will attend this one next month, they're a very interesting couple. Throw the rest out. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Hereditary Lands National Epic, 200 Culture (scaled), and must not hit the Industrial Era. We get so many invitations and propositions, who knows which ones are the most prudent in the long run? There needs to be some kind of bureau set up to deal with this. Could you be a dear and sort that out for me.

2 Emissaries appear near the Capital.

Receive 2 copies of Paper.

Receive 1500 Border Growth Point (scaled) and 250 Gold (scaled)

High Society of Vienna At least 1 Opera House and 1000 Gold. My my, some of these factions are awfully popular right now. We should make sure that they stick around in Vienna after the weddings. The Spring can be so dreary.

20 Turns of WLTKD in the Capital.

Capital produces +33% Culture and Tourism during WLTKD.

Relief of Vienna Researched Metallurgy and 2 Population from the Capital. Are they not aware that we are a little busy at the moment? Send replies promising we shall grace them with our presence, provided we see their bannermen in Vienna posthaste.

2 Units appear near the Capital.

All Melee, Gun, Mounted, and Armored Units receive the Relief of Vienna (+50% Combat Strength near the Capital decaying -5% per tile away).

Siege of Vienna
Higher Society of Vienna An Ideology and must be unhappy. You know, one is so bored of these upstart peasants presuming to send letters to their Archduchess. We must see to it that they are pulled down a few pegs.

25 Turns of WLTKD in the Capital.

3 Turns of Resistance in the Capital.

Capital produces +50% Gold and Production during WLTKD.

Ski Resorts National Visitor Center and at least 350 Gold(scaled). Having these Schloss weddings is all very well and good, but after several thousand years they get a bit stale. It would be good to have a change of scenery. Perhaps we can repopularise alpine receptions? All Cities receives +3 Tourism and +3 Gold for every Mountain within workable proximity.

Aztecs - What Has Been Set In Motion[]

Great Emperor, feathered serpent watch over you. The elder speakers have gathered to discuss these latest developments, as was requested.

When can they expect your presence?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
New Tlatoani Renaissance Era Excellent. We gather to appoint a new tlatoani. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Huehueteotl's Appeasement At least 1 Courthouse.

"There are questions about whether or not our conquests are properly incorporating into our Empire"

Those in violation of our laws will be treated like the captives they are!

+4 Faith, Production and  Food to Courthouses.

Receive Food and Faith when an enemy Spy is killed scaling with era and the level of the Spy.

Human Sacrifice of Captives
Conqueror Philosophy Researched Philosophy and at least 250 Science (scaled).

"Our senior religious figures are pushing for stronger controls over our artists"

Clearly, only art that expresses the nature of the teotl is any good. We must cultivate the minds of our citizens if we are to strengthen the faith.

+2 Faith and Food to Writers.

Produce Great Writers +33% faster.

Receive 5 Golden Age Points scaling with City and Era everytime a new policy is unlocked.

Devolution to Hacendados Researched Banking

"The tlatoani are suggesting a devolution of state control to landowners"

While this will reduce the revenues of our Cities, we can expect the creativity of our people to win out.

+2 Food, +2 Culture and -1 Gold to Plantations. Hacendados in the Spanish Colonial Empire.
Rurales Researched Rifling, 90 National Population, at least 200 gold (scaled), and must not hit the Atomic Era.

"There are serious concerns over levels of crime around our growing Cities"

We shall organize a militia to oppose this new wave of defiance.

Gun Units receive the Rurales Promotion (Kills converts 50% of the killed's strength to Golden Age Points and double movement on Hills)

-10% Distress

Ruarles Corps

Day of the Dead An Ideology and at least 250 Faith (scaled)

"People are losing respect in the traditional way of life"

Blasphemy. We might not be ripping peoples hearts out anymore, but that doesn't mean we can forget our dead. We must organize a great celebration, in the style of the old ways.

10 Turns of WLTKD

+3 Culture, +3 Food, and +3 Tourism to Holy Sites and Landmarks.

Day of the Dead

Babylon - The Eyes of Tiamat[]

In this season of Akitu, the great and powerful of Babylon gather to hear of the defeat of Tiamat at the hands of our father and creator, Marduk. Yet in the night's sky, an angry, streaming fire can so clearly be seen!

What does this portend, wise Nebuchadnezzar?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Prophecy Renaissance Era It is a blessing from Marduk. A child born under this sign shall save Babylon from certain doom! Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Return of Tiamat At least 1 Temple.

"The people panic! Surely this a sign of Tiamat's return!"

The domain of the Gods concerns only holy men. We must draw all power atop the Ziggurats, where it is safe from the common man!

+2 Food and Science to Temples, 

+1 Faith to Scientists.

+5% Illiteracy.

Myths of Tiamat
Ishtar's Gate Researched Machinery This is a warning from the Gods. If a thousand slaves labor a thousand days to construct a great celestial gate, we may yet be spared their wrath!

Receive 2 copies of Lapis Lazuli.

Palace receives +2 Culture and +10% Production.

+5% Poverty.

Ishtar's Gate
Comet in the Sky Researched Astronomy and at least 1000 Gold.

"For the first time, we have the technology to investigate this 'comet'"

Equip the wise men of every City with a great telescope, that they may closely study this divine object. We will not have another chance this Age!

Free Observatories in all Cities.

+2 Faith to Scientists.

Stopping the Water One Hydro Dam.

"You have not been able to find support for your ambitious - but potentially ruinous - plans to dam our mightiest river"

Bring me the chief priest. He shall confirm my suspicions: that the Water Gods mean to rise against us! This must be stopped...

+5 Gold to Hydro Plants.

+1 Food and +1 Production to River Tiles.

Each City loses 150 Gold and 2 Population. 

Sacred Uranium At least 3 Uraniums, one Hospital, and 2500 Science.

"Delicate instruments show that the core of the comet is filled with a radioactive element, much like one on Earth"

We must know all there is about this holy mineral! If it is of the Gods, it will have the power to both destroy and heal!

Receive 6 copies of Uranium.

+5 Food and +5 Science to Hospitals.

Brazil - The Men Of Tomorrow[]

Emperor, the small council gathers to hear your latest proposal. There are much talk and excitement surrounding your announcement, I am personally very honored to serve such a beloved ruler.

As always, we expect great things from our country's first and favorite child.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
New President Renaissance Era Thank you, President. I have come to a decision regarding your successor. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Jungle Trade National Epic and at least 3 Jungles.

"Many indigenous peoples remain disconnected from the Empire, deep in the jungle"

We lose many in our attempt to expand into the endless jungle and cultivate the wondrous fruits of that place. Yet there exist a people who can already do this, and they can teach us, all we have to do is ask.

-1 Food, -1 Gold,  to Logging Camps.

+1 Food and +1 Gold to Jungle.

+2 Culture to Sugar, Cocoa, Banana, and Spices.

Education Reforms Researched Education and at least 300 Culture and 300 Faith.

"Education is for the rich and powerful, and represents an obstacle to increased social mobility and justice"

If I were not a leader, I should like to be a teacher. What better way to ensure the bright future of our people than through learning?

-5% Illiteracy.

Cities produce +10% Production during WLTKD.

Gold Rush Researched Banking

"Precious metals are being uncovered in the unexplored reaches of the Empire, attracting much attention from dynamic people across the world"

The gold rush will come and go, we can exploit it while it lasts, but the real victory will be attracting the hardest working people of today to Brazil.

+2 Population in every City.

Receive 2 copies of Gold.

+5% Poverty.

Pracinhas Researched Flight, must not hit the Modern Era, and war with a major civilization.

"Many young and patriotic Brazilians wish to fight in this war!"

It is not the future I had hoped for our children, yet it is the one we are given. Let them fight.

Five Pracinhas appear near the Capital.
Biodiesel Industry Researched Plastic and at least 1500 Gold and 1000 Science. Although mankind will always look onward, yearning for more, searching for new boundaries, only to break through them with the understanding that this world is one which we all live in and share with.

Receive 3 copies of Oil.

+2 Production, +2 Science, and +2 Golden Age Points to Plantations.

Byzantium - Nova Roma []

Noble Empress, once again the Patriarchy seek to unseat you from your rightful throne! I fear they will never suffer a woman such as yourself to sit the throne.

We must move quickly to unravel their plans!

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Miracle Birth Renaissance Era

"A young child in a remote area has performed a miracle. The clergy are plotting to put them on the throne as their puppet"

We cannot let our enemies get there first. Bring me the child!

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Foreign Mercenaries At least 50 Gold (scaled), must be at war with a city-state, and not hit the Renaissance Era.

"The sons of the Patriarchs now occupy every senior position in the military"

While I have absolute confidence in the city guard, they cannot defend us against a full-scale coup. We need soldiers who are not under the Patriarchs' thumbs.

4 Hunnic Horse Archers are recruited near the Capital
Walls of Constantinople Researched Machinery and at least 1 Castle.

"There is word of a plot: that when our enemies next attempt an invasion, the governors will stand down and allow them to march on the Capital!"

The Palace is surrounded by the key institutions of state, even without thisrumorr, we cannot allow the Capital to fall. Ever.

Capital gains the Wall of Constantinople (+10 Strength, +200 HP, +33% Great Engineer Points). Walls of Constantinople
Tax Reforms Researched Economics and is in negative GPT.

"The elite ascertain their wealth from an ancient law allowing them to levy heavy tribute from their tenants"

This Chrysargyron tax is a remnant of the dark ages. We are the laughing stock of modern economics.

A Golden Age and WLTKD numbering 20 Turns in all Cities. Justinian versus the Tax Code


Requires an Ideology and at least 350 Faith (scaled).

"For some time, the clergy have made themselves wealthy by seizing works of art under the pretense of an ongoing 'iconoclasm'"

Once we demonstrate our intention to outlaw this practice, we will no doubt attract considerable support within the Church.

+3 Culture, Faith, Golden Age Points, and Tourism to Artists. Iconoclasm vs Iconolatry
Deus Vult! Researched Combined Arms, must be at war with a major civilization, and at least 350 Faith (scaled).

"Only the external threats to Byzantium keep the Patriarchy in power. If we could fight our enemies without them..."

Our people will be free! God wills it!

6 Units appear near the Capital.

All Land Units receive the Deus Vult (+15% Combat Strength in enemy territories. 50% Faith from Kills.)

Carthage - Quenchless Fate[]

Your Imperial Majesty! Elissa, Icon of our People, Visage of Beauty, Protector of the Weak, Mother of-

"You cough"

W-well y-your Grace, it... it's the matter of your re-marriage. Your advisors are a-a-anxious for a new consort. The King's d-death, while sudden, was s-some time ago now.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Great Marriage Renaissance Era "The council have presented you with a long list of potential suitors" Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Economic Marriage National Epic, 300 Gold, and at least 1 Fishing Boat.

"Your Economic Advisor considers an older naval officer with a strong Phoenician heritage to be the most tactical candidate"

And what is he bringing with him? The fishing industry? Great... At least he's swarthy.

Receive 2 copies of Crab.

+1 Gold and +1 Culture to Fishing Boats.

Military Marriage At least 1 Great General, 350 Gold, and must not hit the Renaissance Era.

"Your Military Advisor considers a brilliant young General to be the choice to unify the country"

How exciting. I hear this man thinks Elephants could be taught to journey over Mountains. Mountains!

2 War Elephants appear near the Capital.

All Units may now cross Mountains.

Phoenician Heritage
Scientific Marriage Researched Metallurgy, at least 300 Faith, be at war with a major civilization, and must not hit the Modern Era.

"Your Scientific Advisor plays backgammon with a local warlord on the weekends"

We could do with some troops. Sounds like a match made in heaven! Or... wherever those people believe they're going to end up.

3 Ottoman Janissary appears near the Capital.

+20% Faith to Temple, Constabulary, Police Station in the Capital.

+15% Religous Strife in the Capital.

Foreign Marriage Researched Navigation, at least 1 Harbor, and Industrial Era.

"Your Foreign Advisor considers a younger naval officer who has made several daring raids on enemy ports as the most interesting bachelor"

He hasn't got an eye-patch or a peg-leg, has he? So long as all the extremities are there.

+3 Production and +3 Gold to Harbors.

+5% Distress.

Naval Units receive Pirate Slaver (Kills yield Production for the Capital and Gold).

Marital Independence Researched Replaceable Parts, be in negative GPT, and must not hit the Information Era. This is ridiculous! When are we going to finish solving problems by marrying me off to the solution? If the country is in economic difficulties, I will do the sensible thing and consult the international body set up to deal with such matters!

4 Foreign Legions appear near the Capital.

+20% Gold to Custom House, Bank, and Stock Exchange in the Capital.

Up to 1000 Golden Age Points will be lost.

Celts - The Stars Align[]

Road rise to meet you, Warrior Queen. The summer solstice is upon us again, and Jupiter is with Mars. As is customary, the elders of our land convene at your leisure.

The gods speak through you, Great Queen. Tell us what must be done.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Potential Child Renaissance Era

"A child, conceived under the September equinox in a great ritual, has been born"

This child is destined for greatness, it is known.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Tin Monopoly Researched Metal Casting, at least one cargo ship, and at least one mine.

"The elders report that in the harbors, merchants come from far and wide to seek a soft metal abundant to Celtia"

The Earth blesses only the faithful, our prosperity is a sign of the gods' pleasure!

+1 Gold to Mines.

All Trade Routes yield +2 Gold.

Tribal Unification Requires at least one castle, at war with a major civilization and not hit the Industrial Era.

"In light of the clear omens, the clans have put aside their differences and pledge their reserves to you, under one banner"

The warrior tradition of the Celts will never die! Not while I rule! This I swear.

+2 Culture to Citadels and Castles.

3 Danish Berserkers appear near the Capital.

Pipes of Glory Researched Acoustics

"A Great Musician brings his design for an upgraded set of pipes before the council"

With these schematics, our troops will march under Celtic tune wherever they may be. Let the infamy of the approaching tune strike fear into our enemies.

Melee and Gun Units receive the Pipers promotion (-10% Combat Strength to nearby units and 100% Culture from Kills.)

+33% Great Musician Points in all Cities.

College of Anatomy Oxford University, researched Scientific Theory, and at least 500 Science (scaled).

"The newly founded College of Anatomy petitions the council with a macabre request"

That our empty bodies be used as offerings is one of the central tenets of our faith. Healers will come from far and wide to learn our ways.

+10 Food, +10 Tourism, and +10 Science to Oxford University.

+2 Food, +2 Tourism, and +2 Science to Universities.

Romanticism At least one stadium and at least 400 Gold (scaled).

"The interest in our ways and histories has reached fever pitch"

We shall send our Artists, Writers, and Musicians around the globe in a great festival of Celtic art. We shall fill every stadium. Not a man alive will die not knowing our story.

+3 Tourism to Writers, Artists, and Musicians.

+1 Tourism to Stadiums.

Celtic Revival

China - The Dragon Throne[]

Great Empress, beloved of Heaven, your servant kneels before you. A messenger awaits you in the courtyard!

Will you receive them?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
A Noble Rising Renaissance Era "The messenger has brought you the head of a wanted man. He asks for your blessing in his endeavors" Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Assassination Plot Researched Chivalry.

"As the messenger enters, you recognize him as the son of your rival in war!"

You fools! This man is an assassin, sent by my hapless enemies! Guards!

+1 Food and +1 Production to Farms and Plantations.

+5% Distress.

Tea Culture At least 1 Opera House and 1500 Gold.

"The man is a Tea merchant, he brings an offering of every Tea in the Empire. He asks for your patronage at his new Tea Pavilion."

How can an Empress refuse her subjects?

Receive 3 copies of Tea.

+3 Food to Opera Houses.

Folklore Researched Archaeology 

"The envoy brings you word of an excavation which has rediscovered the mysticism of your early Empire."

This rekindled interest in the old ways will bring unprecedented influence to the throne!

+1 Food, +1 Faith, and +1 Culture to Herbalists and Temples.

+2 Food, +2 Faith, and +2 Culture to Holy Sites.

+5% Illiteracy.

Boxer Rebellion Requires an Ideology and war with a major civilization 

"The man is a delegate from the Boxer movement, they demand the deaths of all foreigners within our borders and the abandonment of their ideals!"

So it shall be.

A Unit appears near every City.

A Monastery is constructed near every City and future cities.

1 Turn of Resistance in all cities.

Five-Year Plans Information Era, 120 National Population, and at least 500 Culture (scaled).

"When you appear, the man promptly curses the government and immolates himself."

Bring me the High Councillor, I wish to propose some... extensive reforms.

1 Turn of Resistance in all cities.

+10% Food, Production, Gold, and Science to Factories.

Denmark - Odin Owns Us All[]

Your helm and axe, High Thane! A rabble approaches the palace, drunk on fire. They say you must give in to their political or be deposed!

You would have thought they would know better than to challenge the great Bluetooth!

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Loyal Servant Renaissance Era I haven't fought a good single combat in many moons. Come, there must be a Great Man amongst them who will challenge me! Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Longhouses Researched Metal Casting and at least 200 Culture.

"Many gathered outside the Palace are desperate, having no reliable shelter in which to endure the winter months"

What good are strong warriors when we cannot protect our people from the cold? Open up the Barracks and put our men to work constructing homes becoming of Danes.

+2 Food and +2 Culture to Barracks.
Place of Woodship Researched Theology and at least 10 Forests. 

"The masses are angered by your apparent disrespect for the Gods, and wish to see more Temples"

I do what I can to honor the Gods, it is regrettable that we cannot do more. From this day, I will begin a new building project, to erect a new kind of church! They shall stand in every community, a symbol of our culture.

Unlocks the Stave Churches to the Danes.

+2 Faith to non-Staves Churches.

Naval Supremacy Researched Gunpowder and is at war with a city-state.

"The minor Cities of the world continue to slight our rule of the seas. The demonstrators demand you establish unquestionable dominance."

The rabble and I are in agreement. The seas belong to the Danes!

+3 Golden Age Points to Citadels.

+1 Golden Age Point to Harbors and Castles.

Ski Infantry Corps Researched Combined Arms and is at war with a civilization.

"The public is concerned about the cost of war. If you cannot quickly end the conflict, they demand you step down."

The war is fought on all fronts, but there are skills we Danes know that the enemy does not. I will announce our new initiative to the amassed crowd.

A Guerrilla appears near every City.

Cities receive +3 Production for every snow tile within their workable proximity.

Historical Conservation Researched Radio and at least 300 Gold (scaled).

"The public is angry at what they consider the complacency of the Palace to promote alternatives to warfare."

Long has our culture revolved around war. For once we have the opportunity to reflect on the other parts of our history. I will see this wish made flesh in a great celebration of Danish culture.

+20% Culture to Writers' Guilds.

+5 Tourism to Jelling Stones.

Egypt - Child of the Nile[]

An orphan, raised in the temples, is maturing into a gifted, ingenious, and loyal celebrity.

How shall we direct their energy?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Rise to Greatness Renaissance Era It is not for we to decide the fate of Great People. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Inundation System Requires at least 1 Watermill and 2 Flood Plains.

"Their ideas and inventions pertaining to the farming of our wonderous rivers amaze me"

Construct these... 'Nilometers'.

+1 Food and +1 Culture to Flood Plains.

+2 Food to Engineers.

Out with the Old Researched Printing Press, at least 1 Chancery, and is unhappy.

"Their criticisms of our outdated, idiosyncratic civil infrastructure are well-founded"

He is right. These Mamluks have held sway long enough. Summon them to the citadel!

+2 Production and +2 Culture to Civil Servants.

+20% Culture to Printing Press.

Cotton Researched Economics and at least 1 Manufactory, 300 Culture (scaled), 300 Golden Age Points (scaled).

"Their novel, patriotic approach to economic theory will revitalize our manufacturing sector"

The ingenuity of Egyptians has waited a long time for this recognition.

Receive a copy of Incense, Perfume, and Cotton.

+1 Gold and +1 Tourism to Engineer.

+2 Culture and +2 Gold to Incense, Perfume, and Cotton.

Spring Requires an Ideology, Information Era, and at least 200 Golden Age Points (scaled).

"Their impassioned essays, advocating radical political reform, should be made widely available"

It is time for a new Era to dawn on Egypt. Arrest my deputy, bring him to the square!

A Golden Age begins for 20 Turns.

2 Barbarians appear near every City.

A unit appears near every City.

Arab Spring
National Struggle At war with a major civilization and a Holy City, Medieval Era.

"Their religious fervor will ignite the fires of our people in defense of our Holiest of Holies"

If Egypt can win this war, then to God goes the glory!

Receive 150 Faith (scaled).

All Land Units receive Jihadist promotion (+15% Combat Strength in friendly territory and 50% Faith from kills).

England - Mightier Yet[]

Uneasy sits the head that wears the crown, but of late a man commanding great support amongst our subjects has directly petitioned Your Grace.

Will you acquiesce to his request?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Knighthood Renaissance Era

"Your are petitioned by your lords to recognize a Great Person."

We and our subjects are of one mind. This champion of the common folk shall be knighted without further delay.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
The Grand Tourney Circus Maximus, at least 250 Gold (scaled), and must not hit the Industrial Era.

"Your bravest knight has returned to the Capital with the mythical Excalibur. Now he is worthy, he once again asks for your daughters hand."

I don't care where this Arthur chap says he got the sword. If he wants the princess's hand in marriage he'd better win the Grand Tourney. Archery, melee, joust, the lot.

2 Longbowman appears near the Capital.

Capital gains +50% Culture during WLTKD.

A WLTKD begins in the Capital for 20 Turns.

Protestant Reformation Grand Temple and at least 325 Faith (scaled).

"The archbishop seeks to extend the demesne of the church against your direct instruction!"

The privy purse bleeds gold on a daily basis and this man dares to claim taxes in the name of the Church?! Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest...

-10 Gold to Grand Temple.

Unlocks the Parish Churches to the English.

+3 Gold to non-Parish Churches.

Protestant Reformation
Civil War Renaissance Era and an unhappy state.

"The Commons request royal assent for the beheading of one of your closest supporters!"

Rally the loyal! This man, and the puritanical faction he represents seek the destruction of the state as we know it. I pray for strength in what is to come.

+5 Culture to Civil Servants.

3 Barbarians spawn near every city.

1 Turn of Anarchy.

War of the Three Kingdoms
Imperialism 7 Coastal Cities and researched Rifling. 

"A populist leader in one of your imperial holdings has requested independence!"

The fringes peoples of our Empire are prone to these bouts of fancy. Crush this upstart rebellion and ready the troops for further conquest. Wider still shalt our bounds be set!

2 Barbarians spawn near every city.

+2 Culture and +2 Production to Courthouses.

Gun and Siege Units receive the Sun Never Set promotion (+1% Combat Strength for every tile from the Capital).

British Empire
Darkest Hour War with a civilization, at least 400 Culture (scaled), 1 Broadcast Tower,

"The Prime Minister has personally requested you to make a speech to the nation"

Of course. For the sake of all that we ourselves hold dear, and of the world order and peace, it is unthinkable that we should refuse to meet the challenge.

A WLTKD begins in all cities for 15 Turns.

+15% Production to Cities under WLTKD.

All eligible units receive the Interception III Promotion.

Churchill's Speech to the House of Commons.

Ethiopia - Lion Of Zion[]

Ras Tafari, your people are gathered in the square to hear your words of wisdom.

Show them the truth!

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Great Speech Renaissance Era When good men do nothing, evil triumphs. I call upon each citizen to do their duty. Together, through cooperation and faith, we shall enough peace, righteousness and prosperity. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Special Coins Researched Currency, less than maximum trade routes, 300 Gold (scaled), and at least 1 Caravansary. With 30 pieces of silver, our Lord was betrayed. We will print His likeness into seventy times seven coins, and spread them around the whole World! So every man, woman, and child knows the name of their savior! +1 Faith and +1 Golden Age Point to Merchants.
Stone Worship At least 3 Stone resource and 1 Temple. Just as God carved his love into stone, we too must show our love of Him. Not just in our temples, but in all our works. +2 Faith and +2 Golden Age Point to Temples and Stone resource.
Ormo Tribesman

Researched Metallurgy, not hit the Modern Era, and is at war with a major civilization.

In this world plagued by division, we allow things like race and creed to set us apart. But God does not see the color of our skin, only the goodness of our soul. In this time of war, we must all come together to protect all that is good and just. 5 Impis appear near the Capital.
Social Reforms Requires an Ideology, be unhappy, and at least 200 Golden Age Points (scaled). My children you must know by now. You must know that until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes we will not have peace on Earth. We will write it in our songs, in our tales, in our laws.

A Golden Age begins for 20 turns.

Cities convert 5% of Gold to Culture on purchases.

Breadbasket of Africa Information Era and at least 500 Science (scaled). When they came to hear the Lord, they were called away to eat. But instead, he told them, stay, and fed them with manna from Heaven. How can we come closer to the Lord when our thoughts are shackled to the necessities of Earth. I will see that no man wants for bread, but no man can live by bread alone... +2 Food to Farms, Plantations, and Merchants.

France - To All Talents[]

The most recent plebiscite has not been favorable to the Republic. Indeed, the participation rate has been unusually high.

How can we implement a constitution against the vox populi?!

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Societal Moderator Renaissance Era Find me the most qualified man amongst the dissenters. Give him an office. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Acquired Craftsman Requires at least 1 Forge and at least 300 Culture (scaled). When the finances will soon be righted and the people content once again. Our the popularity of our enameled trinkets are becoming renowned abroad, trade will follow.

Receive one copy of Jewelry. 

+2 Gold and +2 Tourism to Forges.

Salon Visit

At least 1 Garden and 50 National Population. Support from the influential is waining because I do not engage in this prevailing salon culture. Perhaps it is time I made an appearance. Who knows, they might just learn a thing or two. +3 Science and +5% Culture to Gardens.
Revolution! Industrial Era and negative GPT. The finances are managed by idiots and when I try to fix this woeful situation, my reforms are opposed?! If they can't stomach poverty, let them eat cake.

Receive a free social policy.

2 Turns of Revolution.

All cities lose 2 Population.

French Revolution
Impressionist Movement Modern Era, at least 200 Culture (scaled), and Hermitage. These cultural reforms may have been shot down by this Academie orchestrated campaign, it is no matter. We need but watch this artistic revolution unfurl before us. +10 Culture and +10 Tourism to Artists' Guilds.
Farm Trade Deals Information Era and at least 200 Gold (scaled). This widespread dissatisfaction over the recent trade deals are entirely understandable, but I am confident support will return when the benefits to our agriculture kick in.

+2 Gold and +1 Culture to Farm.

+5 Gold to Agribusiness.

Germany - Germany, Above All Else[]

The governors of your many provinces have called a great Bundesrat to settle issues of national importance. Old feuds have flared up, and where there is any agreement, it is an ineffectual compromise.

Germany begs you to bring order to this rabble.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
A New Chancellor Renaissance Era If agreement cannot be found on these trivial issues, I will personally invest a Chancellor. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Unity Under One Flag At least 4 Forests, 1 Lumbermill, and must not hit the Industrial Era.

"The subject of purging native, pagan populations is becoming increasingly contentious"

Those who dwell in the deep forests are as German as any man. Instead of shunning them, we ought to be welcoming them into this brave new world.

All eligible units receive the Woodsman promotion.

+1 Culture to Forest.

Teutonic Order Heroic Epic, Medieval Era, must not hit the Industrial Era, and at least 300 Faith (scaled).

"The war is causing some extreme views to gain support and threaten the internal power structure"

In this time of tribulation, we must make some concessions to the church. We must recall all those crusaders fighting in foreign lands, in order to defend the faith here, at home.

Unlocks the Teutonic Chapter to the Germans.

+2 Gold and +1 Production to Orders.

Conservatories Sponsorship At least 1 Musicians' Guild.

"Many members of the meeting have been personally slighted by a prodigal musician, and move to see him exiled or worse"

This is ridiculous! These overinflated Barons need to gain some perspective! We ought to give patronage to our composers and nurture their creativity, lest they are tempted by foreign courts.

+1 Tourism and +1 Gold to Opera Houses.

+2 Gold and +1 Culture to Musicians.

Science Funding At least 1 Research Lab and Academy.

"One faction wishes to massively increase science funding, but they cannot secure a majority"

Our physical scientists are among the best in the world, and their inventions crucial to our economy. We must support them however we can.

Receive a free Technology.

+2 Gold, +2 Culture, +2 Science to Academies.

Call for War Must be at war with a major civilization, at least 1 Train Station, Modern Era, 200 national population, and at least 1 Manufactory.

"A pacifistic group are trying to oppose the largescale manufacturing of arms"

Our country has grown strong: our manufactories and train stations the cathedrals of this new age. Soon, we will take our rightful place in the world.

A Golden Age begins for 10 Turns.

All eligible units receive the Blitz promotion.

Greece - To The Ends Of The Earth[]

Strangers in the court again today, My King. As usual, they seek an audience with Your Highness, but curiously they will not say for what purpose.

Shall I send them away?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Of Prophecy Renaissance Era

"The men bring a prophecy from an Oracle, a birth of prophecy is soon to take place"

The omens suggest this baby could either grow to make us great or destroy us! We must ensure it is the former!

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
The Assembly At least 1 Bath and 200 Culture (scaled).

"Your visitors are merchants who are incensed by their treatment at the market, and demanded to speak only to you"

I don't know how things are done in your lands, but in Greece, the Agora is more than just a simple Market. You will receive no compensation for your imagined slight. Guards, away with them!

+1 Food, +1 Faith, and +1 Culture to Agoras.

+10% Great Person Generation.

Scholasticism At least 1 University and at war with a civilization. 

"The audience is with some of your old teachers who had retired to the countryside. They have lost everything in the war, and come to beg your forgiveness for abandoning Greece"

There is nothing to forgive. I am thankful that my old friends are safe. They will always have a home at my court.

+1 Culture and +1 Science to Universities.

Receive a free technology.

Society of Friends At least 1 Wire Service, in negative GPT, at least 300 Culture (scaled), and not hit the Information Era.

"These emissaries are from the Filiki Eteria, a secret society dedicated to the renewal of Greek supremacy"

It would be remiss of me to turn down any assistance, even such as this... I will support this scheme of yours.

+2 Production, Culture, +2 Gold, and +2 Tourism to Civil Servants.
Nationalize Language Requires an Ideology and unhappy state.

"The men in waiting are agents of the clergy. They come to demand you suppress efforts to abandon the ancient language of the church"

For as long as can be remembered we have been a country of two languages, one for the rich and one for the poor. It is time this ended.

+15% Science, +15% Gold, and +15% Culture to Printing Press.

-5% Illiteracy.

A Restored Ritual Researched Globalization and at least 1000 Gold.

"You are met by a delegation of civil servants. They describe to you a daring scheme to revive the ancient Olympic Games in a bid to draw attention to Greece"

When we show that we can bring the whole world together, States far and wide will pledge themselves to our cause!

Receive an instant yield of 4000 Tourism.

4 Ambassadors appear near the Capital.

Olympic Games

Huns - The Blood Oath[]

Great and Fearsome King, those named Warchief by their tribes come before you to swear the undying loyalty of the Blood Oath.

Glory to the Huns!

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Lord of the Court Renaissance Era I am pleased. It is high time I found myself a visionary Warlord to inspire our people. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Burial Rites Researched Drama, at war with a major civilization. Good. In this time of war, we have the chance to win our fame. Let all men come and join our warband, for in their rich graves will live memories of glorious conquest!

Receive 5 Culture and Faith scaling with era in the Capital when a unit dies in combat.

2 Swordsman and a Battering Ram appear near the Capital.

Land Carving Requires at least 1 Castle, 1 Citadel, and 400 Gold (scaled). We have carved out a land, but now we must defend it. I expect all the tribes to unite behind me as we construct an impenetrable wall of Vegvar. +2 Production and +2 Gold to Forts, Citadels, and Castles.
Modernize the Army Requires Gunpowder, must not have researched Metallurgy and 700 Science.

"Gunpowder weapons have proved monstrously effective"

Excellent. I will use this opportunity to discuss the issue of firearms, and a new model for our army.

Metallurgy is researched.

A Golden Age begins for 20 Turns.

Civil Disobedience Requires an Ideology and is unhappy.

"The people demand social and economic reforms, they march on the offices and monuments of state"

Perhaps, while they are gathered, these chiefs can explain to me exactly what the people are so upset about, that I have a rebellion on my hands?

Cities enter resistance for 1 Turn.

+25% Production and +25% Gold to Scrivener's Office, Printing Press, and Hermitage.

+1 Gold and +1 Culture to Ekis.

Military-Industrial Complex Requires Atomic Theory.

"Your previous Warlord was assassinated by enemy agents"

I have decided to amend the oath. We will not only pledge our loyalty to each other, but also our resolve. Our resolve to crush our enemies beneath our feet, and hear the lamentations of their women!

+15% Production to producing Military Units.

+3 Gold and +3 Production to Citadels.

+1 Production to Ekis.

Inca - Son of the Sun[]

Another generation, another cohort of your vassals' children pass through the Palace, indoctrinated into your great Empire. The great and powerful of Inca are gathered to hear you speak at the Feast of Graduation.

We await your wisdom, Sapa Inca.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Marital Mobility Renaissance Era To commemorate this wondrous occasion, the valedictorian shall be married to the Princess Royal! Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Alpaca Wool Requires at least 1 Village, 2 Sheep, and at least 200 Culture.

"Weavers in the court have discovered that the Alpaca, employed extensively as a food source and religious offering, produces a particularly versatile wool"

When the Capac return to their lands, they do so enriched by the knowledge of the Sapa Inca, to the prosperity of all!

+1 Happiness in all Cities.

+1 Culture, +2 Faith, and +2 Gold to Sheep.

Wak'a Trail Grand Temple

"The priesthood wishes to establish mountain shrines: to awaken the hidden spirits and cultivate the sacred flowers which grow there"

When my student return to their lands, they go as servants of the Gods, initiated in the secrets of the mountains!

Gain 2 copies of Dyes.

+2 Faith to Mountains.

Mountain Mining Researched Dynamite, and at least 2000 Gold.

"We now have the knowledge to burrow deeper into the heart of the mountain than ever before"

From North to South, East to West, in every corner of our great kingdom, we will ply the secrets of the Earth!

Gain a copy of Copper, Gold, and Silver.

+2 Production to Mountains.

Peru Mining Industry
Political Purge Must be unhappy, and be in the Modern Era.

"There is widespread dissent amongst both the political elite and the common man at your rule"

It is with regret that I place my Governors under arrest! They shall be replaced with their children, whom I know to be loyal to Inca and the common man!

Receive a free Social Policy.

Cities go under 15 turns of WLTKD.

+5% Crime and Poverty.

Mountain Tourism National Visitor Center, and at least 2000 Culture.

"Your sacred sites and mountain villages, which have remained hidden to the world for millenniums, have been discovered by the world"

We can no longer hide our great treasures from the world. Let all who wish to bow before the majesty of Inca come, and see!

+2 Culture and +2 Tourism to Mountains.

India - Heart Without Words[]

Peace follows you throughout all your doings, Mahatma. If it is not to much bother, your wisdom is requested in council. We need it much of late.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Great Reincarnation Renaissance Era

"A recent birth has been identified as the reincarnation of a Great Person"

A Great Soul is returned to us! Make the necessary arrangements.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Pillars of Peace At least 1 Courthouse.

"The conquest of foreign lands still breeds contempt among old enemies"

We must start a campaign for truth and forgiveness! Let us remember that we are more similar than we are different, that we might learn to love one another again.

+1 Faith to Monuments.

+10% Food to Courthouses.

Pillars of Ashoka
Deula Grand Temple, at least 100 Gold (scaled), and at least 100 Culture (scaled).

"The priest of the Grand Temple malign the state of worship in India. They wish to see great spires erected for the glory of heaven!"

We must do whatever we can to lead men towards heaven. Let it be.

Unlocks the Deula to the Indians.

+2 Food and +1 Faith to non-Deula.

Mughal Forts Researched Architecture, at least 1 Castle, and at least 150 Culture (scaled), and at least 150 Gold (scaled).

"Our Engineers believe that with new technologies, many of the old fortifications which are falling into disuse can be renovated in the new style"

To see these bastions of war transformed into palaces of holiness and protection brings great joy to my soul.

+2 Culture, +2 Tourism, and +2 Golden Age Points to Castles. Mughal Fort
Royal Military Edict Researched Rifling and at war with a civilization.

"Our Military Advisor has penned a text dubbed Adnyapatra, he would have us implement its suggestions"

It pains me to see a drop of blood spilled in my name, but if I cannot convince men to accept peace, I must force it on them.

A Golden Age begins for 15 Turns.

5 Fusiliers spawn near the Capital.

-3 Population in the Capital.

Satyagraha Modern Era, Ideology, and at least 1500 Faith.

"The people are increasingly resentful of the roles imposed upon them by outdated social expectations"

As the Empire has grown further from its roots, so too have we grown further from the Truth. It now falls to me to lead us back...

1 Turns of Anarchy.

-5% Illiteracy.

-5% Poverty.

-5% Religious Strife.

-5% Boredom.

-5% Distress.

Indonesia - Topeng Manis, Topeng Kras[]

Mahapatih, the King and his courtiers wish to know how you will deal with these matters arising. The court is particularly eager to hear you speak on this.

Will you follow me to the Palace?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Deputy Management Renaissance Era

"The discussion surrounds who should be appointed your new deputy"

The court will be happy to hear I have prepared a speech detailing my thoughts on the proposed list of candidates.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Sea Trade Researched Currency, 100 Culture (scaled), and at least 1 Lighthouse.

"The issue concerns the economy, and whether or not we should continue to maintain such a large seafaring sector"

The sea is as much a part of Indonesian culture as the islands we live on. If anything, I will see our relationship with her pushed to new heights!

Coastal Cities receive +1 Gold for every 2 coastal tiles.

+20% Great Merchant Points in Coastal Cities.

Shadow Play At least 1 Amphitheater and 200 Culture (scaled).

"The nobles are envious of other civilizations' dramatic heritage, why do we lack our own"

With a little encouragement from the wealthy houses, I am sure that a unique and renowned style will develop surprisingly quickly.

+2 Culture and +1 Faith to Amphitheater.

+1 Culture and +1 Faith to Writers.

Gamelan Style Researched Acoustics.

"The ministers are very fond of the Gamelan music style, they wish to know why it is not more widely practiced"

In times gone by we have had pressing demands on our supplies of metal. Now we have more plentiful reserves, I can allow some of it to be put to the training of musicians.

Musicians generate +5 Culture and +5 Gold.

Spice Trade Modern Era and in negative GPT.

"The economy is spiraling out of control, the nobles demand you guarantee that their holdings are secure!"

I can fix the economy or I can seize assets. Seeing as there is no point in having worthless investments, I will prioritize the economy. I apologize in advance if I fail.

Foreign Trade Routes to your Cities generate +5 Gold.

+15% Gold during WLTKD.

Environmental Preservation At least 1 Logging Camp, researched Ecology, and at least 300 Gold (scaled).

"The expanding palm oil industry has made the elite very wealthy, but now that the ecological consequences are becoming clear, they are blaming you"

How wise are my lords. I have a rather large report for them to digest, outlining what can be done.

+2 Gold to Logging Camps.

-1 Food to Logging Camps.

+6 Science and +4 Culture to Zoos.

Iroquois - Skin Thick As Bark[]

The Mid-Winter festival draws to a close, and all the Lesser Chiefs and Clan Mothers gather to hear you speak, oh Great Chieftan! In your decisions lie the fates of our children and the honor of our ancestors.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
An Investment Renaissance Era Our children are our future! We must nurture the skills of our youth as we have never done before. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Totem Poles Requires at least 1 Lumbermill and 4 Forests. 

"Travellers from the Hinterlands have brought a new kind of Monument with them"

We must honor the story of our people in monuments carved from oak and pine. Let us erect these 'Totem Poles' to commemorate the greatness of our nation!

Cities receive free Monuments.

+1 and +5% Culture to Monuments.

Mourning Warrior Researched Chivalry and is at war with a major civilization.

"Many men have been killed in the war, mothers mourn their husbands and children and curse us in their prayers"

We hate our enemies, but once we have defeated them, we must love and accept them as our own: for their lives are our responsibility. Let us bring them back to IROQUOIS and accept them into the clans!

+2 Food to Barracks

All Melee and Gun Units receive Mourning Warrior promotion (Kills yield 100% Food to the Capital).

Gaihwi:io Researched Chemistry and at least 1250 Faith.

"Religious practices have abruptly changed as of late"

These practices may be new, but they harken back to earlier times. Let us not be afraid of the pipe and the feathers and the drum. Let us share our dreams and be shown the way forward!

Receive 3 copies of Tobacco.

+2 Faith to Longhouses.

Longhouse Religion
Wampum Industry At least 1 Factory, 1000 Golden Age Points, and 1000 Culture.

"Foreign Empires have mistaken our ancient Wampum beads for Currency, and are quickly becoming obsessed with the shells"

While we dishonour our heritage by engaging in these practices, this craze will bring fortune and prosperity to my people.

Receive 2 copies of Jewelry and Pearls.
Lacross At least 1 Stadium. 

"Our traditional sport has become a global sensation, the most engaged in activity on Earth!"

Let the games begin!

+1 Food and +1 Culture to Gardens.

+1 Gold and +1 Tourism to Stadiums.

Japan - Land Of The Rising Sun[]

Great honor upon your family, Shogun Tokugawa. Your presence is requested urgently by the Chrysanthemum Throne.

Long live the Emperor!

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Apprenticeship Renaissance Era "The Emperor wishes his new son to study under you as an apprentice. This is a great honor, of course" Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Tahoto At least 1 Temple, 200 Culture, and 200 Faith.

"The Emperor has become obsessed of late in arcane religious practices, he commands they become widespread"

In these matters of heaven, as the Emperor commands, the Shogun shall enforce.

Unlock the Tahoto to the Japanese.

+2 Culture to non-Tahotos.

Court Musicians At least 1 Castle.

"His Majesty's musicians have displeased him, he commands you to execute them and all their families"

We will see to it that better Musicians are seen in Japan from now on! From the Chrysanthemum Court to the lowliest Daimyo's Castle.

+2 Culture to Castles.

-3 Gold to Castles.

+20% Great Musician Rate.

+20% Faith in Cities during WLTKD.

Elite Theater At least 1 Opera House.

"The Emperor is concerned by the recent degradation in the quality of Nogaku. What will the Shogun do about this?"

We shall emphasize the ceremonial nature of Noh, and banish these peasant storytellers from our presence!

10 Turns of WLTKD.

+15% Culture in Cities under WLTKD.

+10% Boredom.

Shale Oil At least 1 Coal Refinery.

"The other Empires of the world mock Japan, the Emperor knows this. What will the Shogun do to restore our honor?"

The Emperor should rest easy. Though we have been constrained in the past, with ingenuity, soon Japan will have the resources to overcome our mightiest adversaries!

Receive 8 copies of Oil.

-3 Food and -3 Gold to Coal Refineries.

Yamato Design Requires a Battleship and war with a civilization.

"The Emperor is confused. The has begun, has it not? Why are the heads of our enemies not adorning the Palace's battlements?"

We share the Emperor's impatience, and invite him to the unveiling of our newest class of warship on the morrow. Through the unique skills of the Japanese people, we have created the most monstrous Battleships ever to sail!

All eligible units receive the Broadside promotion.

Korea - A Pinfeather Thrust[]

The factions of the court clamor for your approval, Great King. They serve either the heavens, themselves, your enemies, and some of them possibly serve you.

The Earth trembles but slightly, and they have the opportunity to make demands of you once again...

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
A New State Renaissance Era Use these political demands to replace the head of the Council with a man loyal to Korea. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Gyeongbok Palace Researched Chivalry and at least 750 Gold.

"The councilors request large building projects and artistic requisitions"

This thinly veiled attempt to rob me will not stand. Emphasize the need for a grand Gyeongbok to be erected for... the court.

Receive one copy of Porcelain.

+5% Gold, +5% Culture, +5% Science, and +5 Faith to the Palace.

Reformed Alphabet Researched Printing Press, at least 1 University, and 1000 Culture. 

"Our lords wish to restrict access to education, in order to keep the peasants in check."

We will give them their educational reform, but not in the way they imagined. Bring me the Head Scholar!

+1 Science to Farms.

A Golden Age begins for 10 Turns.

Societal Appeasement Researched Economics and at least 1000 Culture.

"Upstart peasantry once again looks to positions beyond their station. The lords demand action."

We will peacefully reinforce our tradition. There will be order under heaven.

+1 Culture to Specialists.
Assassination Industrial Era and at least 1 Custom House.

"The queen has been assassinated. The councilors call for capitulation."

These traitors... we will never accede to the pathetic, imperialistic delusions of foreign devils! BRING ME THEIR HEADS!

All Naval Units receive Turtle Armor (+33% Defense versus Ranged Attacks)

Receive 100 Culture when a Spy is killed in your City, scaling with era and rank.

Modernization Information Era, at least 120 National Population, and negative GPT.

"The councilors, in a spiteful move to dethrone you at this difficult time for our economy, call for reforms which would destroy both their own power and yours."

So it has come to this... It is no matter. With these reforms, the full potential of my people shall finally be unleashed!

A Golden Age begins for 10 Turns.

+20% Gold to Stock Exchanges.

-10% Boredom.

Maya - No Greater Gift[]

The Long Count has reached another festival day, but we have somehow run out of willing sacrifices. Things are looking dire, Your Resplendence. If we cannot satisfy the Gods, we will be sacrificed instead!

Any thoughts as to an alternative source of offerings?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Mistake Renaissance Era Are we sure there isn't a mistake in the Calendar? Get the Science Advisor in here, maybe we missed a leap year or something? Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Pok Ta Pok Requires at least 1 Colosseum.

"The game of pok ta pok has taken on a ritualistic significance within our culture"

Glory and death to the victors! A plentiful supply of athletic sacrifices is guaranteed for some time!

+1 Production and +1 Culture to Kunas.

Loin Stone Requires at least 1 Temple and 750 Gold.

"The magic stone, Jade, is essential to our worship."

We must have it for our ceremonies! Lather every monument with lime to make it seem as though they were too adorned. This will appease the Gods.

Receive 2 copies of Jade.

+2 Faith to Monuments and Jade.

Survival of the Fittest Researched Economics and at least 750 Culture.

Competition between the various Cities is fierce.

There is much we can gain from our subtle patronage of these rivalries. A few sacrifices should be easy.

+2% Gold from City Connections per City.

Internal Trade Routes to or from this City generate 25 Gold in their Origin City when completed, scaling with Era.

Political Sacrifice Requires an Ideology, unhappy, and 1500 Faith.

A notion has grown up that the Cities could unite in a new federation, effectively ending your rule!

The people must be reminded of the Cities' proud and distinct histories. These modern notions will quickly die out, hopefully upon an altar.

12 Turns of WLTKD.

2 Turns of Resistance.

-5% Illiteracy.

-5% Poverty.

Modern Practice Information Era. There are now many ways to please the Gods, we must see that they all thrive within our Temples.

+20% Faith to Temples.

-50% Religious Strife.

Mongolia - They Call Him Temujin[]

Khan, the latest round of captives is ready to kneel before you and beg for their lives. Would you like a cushion? This could go on for some time.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Great Capture Renaissance Era In all these audiences we have yet to come across a single man of merit. These men accomplished much, there must be at least one Great Person among them. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Silk Road Requires at least 1 Caravansary and 400 Gold (scaled).

"This tribe specialized in rearing silkworms, but their trade was limited in scope and they could not survive an incursion with Mongolian culture"

You once weaved fine Silks and lived peaceful, fulfilling lives. You can again! If you serve under the Great Khan, he will see that you flourish.

Receive 3 copies of Silk.

All Trade Routes yield +2 Gold for the owner and destination route.

War Reparations Researched Education and at least 1 Courthouse.

"Another people devastated by contact with the Horde. We cannot rule over destroyed lands"

Guard, fetch me the Economic Advisor. We must do something about this predicament immediately.

-3 Gold and -1 Culture to Courthouses.

-5% Poverty.

-10% Religious Strife.

Tea Trade Researched Economics, and is in negative GPT.

"This tribe grew Tea unlike those seen anywhere in the world"

Far across the sea of grass, there are Cities of people who would kill for this Tea you have cultivated all your days. If you serve under the Khan, he will allow you to bring it to them and prosper.

Receive 2 copies of Tea.

All Trade Routes yield +4 Gold for the owner and destination route.

+50% Land Trade Route Length

Defender of Religions Requires an Ideology, Holy City, and at least 2000 Faith.

"The holy men we once allowed to regroup have established a respected and peaceful community. They beg for these men's lives"

Where the wildfire destroys, the growth is strongest. We shall of course honor the wishes of our wisest sages; these men will live to build great Monasteries for their saviors.

Cities receive free Monasteries.

+2 Culture and +2 Faith to Monasteries.

Re-Mining Researched Atomic Theory, and at least 400 Gold (scaled).

"This small band of raiders was captured dynamiting an old quarry, it seems there are rumors of more to be found"

Get my Scientific Advisor in here. I wonder if there is any truth to these rumors? This land bred a harsh people, perhaps it held more for us than we knew.

+1 Production to Mines.

Receive 3 copies of Iron, Coal, Aluminum, and Uranium.

Morocco - Men of Tamazgha[]

My King, a messenger has arrived with lengthy correspondence from one of your trusted friends, last seen adventuring in some far-flung corner of the Empire.

Most patient King, I am sure you are eager to receive this news.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Mysterious Traveler Renaissance Era "The letter explains how the bearer saved your friends life. He is a brilliant man who deserves the opportunities of your court." Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Berber Inclusion National Epic and at least 1 Oasis. "The messages relay how your friend, adventuring in the desert, convinced local tribespeople to make the journey to the Capital to meet you. They cannot be far behind the messenger."

+1 Food and +1 Production to Desert Tiles.

+3 Food and +2 Production to Mountains.

Berber Tribe
Discovery in Worship Requires at least 1 Academy, 1 Artists' Guild, and 1000 Gold. *The envelope contains schematics for an expensive but beautiful tile kiln. These were thought lost to antiquity!* +2 Culture to Temples, Academies, and Holy Sites.
The Black Guard Renaissance Era, at war with a major civilization, and at least 1 Courthouse. "Your friend is on the way to the Capital with a host of tribesmen from previously conquered lands, now pledged to protect the kingdom!"

-10% Distress.

All eligible units receive the Homeland Guardian promotion.

Black Guard
Revolution of the King and People Researched Military Science, is at war with a major civilization, 

"The letter contains a warning. The armies of a cadet branch of House Saadi are being readied for a coup. They plan to detain you when you visit their seat as part of the campaign!"

Those traitors! While we are in midst of a conflict that threatens our very destruction! When their treasonous plans are revealed, the people will surely flock to me in support.

6 Barbarian Units appear near the Capital.

3 Units appear near the Capital.

A Golden Age begins for 10 Turns.

Tourism Industry At least 1 Airport.

"The telegraph relays how your friend has become something of a celebrity abroad. A great many people have become interested in visiting Morocco."

No doubt the current exchange rate also has something to do with it...

+2 Tourism to Kasbahs, Deserts, and Mountains.

Netherlands - A Miracle Mirrored[]

Your Majesty, my apologies for disturbing your silent musings. Your advisors are gathered in the Palace to discuss the recent happenings, as requested. Your Grace should prepare himself, I fear the debate shall be fierce, and the consequences... severe.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Arranged Marriage Renaissance Era

"The hungry and hateful nations of the world look to devour our happy country"

I need my advisors to seek out possible political marriages that might be made in the hope of avoiding conflict. I wish to review the options a week from now. Go.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Creation Story National Epic

"The other nations of the world claim warlike, mythological histories. Not so for we Dutch"

The story of the Dutch people is of ingenuity, trade, and peace. I want to celebrate that. Call on every farmer, fisherman, trader: let it be known that the Netherlands is open for business!

+1 Food and +1 Culture to Merchants.
Dutch East India Company East India Company

"Your Economic Advisor's business interest - the East India Company - has become extremely influential. She would have it more so"

While I do not wish to show favoritism, there is something very attractive about large amounts of luxury goods. While I hear my other advisors, I am ready to concede the 'irregularities' that may be associated with their acquisition.

-10 Gold and -10 Golden Age Points to East India Company.

Receive a copy of Sugar, Tobacco, Cocoa, Tea, and Coffee.

Dutch East India Company
Reinspiration  Researched Navigation, at least 1 Artists' Guild, 3 Coastal cities, and 250 Golden Age Points (scaled).

"Our Merchants win us great bounty overseas, while at home our Artists amaze the world. But which path shall the Netherlands follow?"

I do not believe in this dichotomy argument taunted by my advisors. Our Artists' works shall profit our Merchants, and in their adventures, they shall re-inspire us all; so the cycle will continue, as long as I am King!

+20% Great Merchant Points in all Cities.

Receives 10% Culture equivalent to the Gold invested/purchased in all Cities.

Exploitation Researched Industrialization and is in a negative GPT. However, there still exist of men who spread their ideologies with a heavy hand. And yet, some chose a different path striving for peace in their endeavors.

+15 Food and +5 Golden Age Points to Courthouses.

1 Turn WLTKD in all Cities.

Progressiveness Requires an Ideology, Atomic Era, and at least 2000 Culture.

"The social pillars of our society prop up the establishment, our advisors are troubled by the rebellion of the youth against these power structures"

I have had enough of listening to this constant backward chatter from my so-called advisors. Let the establishment crumble, out of it shall rise a greater, happier Netherlands!

25 Turns of WLTKD in all Cities.

Cities receive +2 Happiness.

Ottoman - Does Any Rose Lack Thorns?[]

Your Magnificence, I was instructed to inform you if the Grand Vizier had been noticed conducting any... suspicious activities. I recommend the Silk Rope.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
New Vizier Renaissance Era God is merciful. I, however, am not. Find me a replacement. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Caravansary Network Not hitting the Trade Route Cap, researched Currency, and 250 Gold (scaled).

"The Vizier was known to have fallen out with your Foreign Advisor over her plans to spend the Palace's gold on trade routes"

Bring my Foreign Advisor to me. We shall give her my seal while we investigate this treason.

Cities receive free caravansaries.

+1 Culture and +1 Faith to Caravansary.

Religious Regulations Researched Theology, have a Holy City, and at least 350 Faith (scaled).

"It was well known that your Economic Advisor was furious with the Vizier after he refused to enforce our religious laws on businesses"

Bring my Economic Advisor to me. We shall give her my seal while we investigate this treason.

+2 Food and +2 Faith to Baths.
Devolved Jurisprudence Researched Economics, at war with a major civilization, and at least 350 Faith (scaled).

"There had been whispers around the court that your Scientific Advisor's plans to devolve jurisprudence to religious minorities had set the Vizier against him"

Bring my Scientific Advisor to me. We shall give him my seal while we investigate this treason.

+3 Food and +3 Production per present Religion in a City.
Tributary Reforms Researched Navigation, at war with a major civilization, at least 250 Culture (scaled), and at least 250 Gold (scaled).

"If there was one policy the Vizier could not tolerate, it was our Military Advisor's plans to leverage our suzerainty during this time of war"

Bring my Military Advisor to me. We shall give him my seal while we investigate this treason.

Each City contributes +1 Food, +1 Gold, +1 Faith, and +1 Science to the Palace.

All eligible units receive the Supply promotion.

Abolition of the Sultan Requires Information Era, is unhappy, at least 250 Culture (scaled). and 400 Science (scaled). Enough! I will stand no more schemes, feuds, and rebellions. Disband the Viziers. Execute every last one of them. I want plans for a new constitution drawn up by the end of the month!

A Golden Age begins for 20 Turns.

-50% Religious Strife.

-5% Illiteracy.

Republic of Turkey

Persia - A Generous God[]

The princes have returned from their hunting excursion, My Lord Darius. They have not seen their father in some years, will you see them? The Queen would no doubt be immensely grateful.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Prince to Govern Renaissance Era It is time to appoint a new Satrap, and I am running short on loyal governors. Bring me the son who excels in domestic affairs. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Incorporation Researched Metal Casting and at war with a city-state. I have little time for family matters in the middle of this City State uprising... Majordomo, bring me the son who is most accomplished in military matters, I have a mission for him. All Melee and Gun Units receive the Incorporation promotion (May capture defeated enemies). Incorporation
Elephants Researched Chivalry, is at war with a major civilization, and at least 400 Gold (scaled). Can the Queen win me this war? I think not. Bring me the envoys from those foreign sellswords that have been scurrying around my court, perhaps they will be of some use.

Receive 2 copies of Ivory.

3 Naresuan's Elephants spawn near the Capital.

Age of Learning Printing Press and at least 500 Faith (scaled). A fresh pair of eyes would be helpful in going over these reforms. Bring me the son with the best grasp of scientific matters. The rest can go back to... whatever it is they get up to in the compound.

+3 Science to Chanceries.

+20% Science during Golden Ages.

Carpet Industry Requires at least 1 Factory, 300 Gold (scaled), 300 Culture (scaled). Forget my sons, those use layabouts, bring my daughter to me. She has an exceptional mind of political economy, I wish her to review my plans for the textile sector.

Gain 3 copies of Cotton.

+2 Culture to Workshops.

Democratic Reforms Requires the Modern Era, and at least 200 Golden Age Points (scaled). Endless princes and princesses to appoint to the top positions in my kingdom. I grow tired of this patronage, it is time the country learned to govern itself, for one day I shall no longer be here to guide it.

A Golden Age begins for 20 Turns.

Receive 5% Golden Age Points equivalent to the Gold invested/purchased in every city.

Poland - Skill Over Strength[]

Great King, as long as you stand, so too does Poland! I bring news from the council! The debate is fierce; much is at stake.

Yet again Poland stands on the brink. How does the King move to act?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Royal Invention Renaissance Era This is not as bad as is being made out. I shall send one of my sons to resolve this matter. The royal intervention alone will calm much, I suspect. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Religion in Moderation Requires at least 1 Temple and 5 Forests.

"The Theology of various priests has grown hostile to the old ways. A divide is growing between the urban populace and the rural peasantry"

I will see to it that the old ways are formally incorporated into our new rituals. Harmony, always.

+1 Faith to Forests and Councils.
Religious Asylum Researched Theology and at least 300 Faith (scaled).

"A large number of a persecuted religious group have fled over the border into Poland. The elite would see them deported or worse"

That we should turn against our own morals just because these vulnerable wretches do not pray to the same God as we? No. Not while I rule.

Unlocks the Hasidic Synagogue to Poland.

+1 Culture and +1 Faith to Synagogues.

On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres Researched Astronomy, at least 1 Academy, and at least 1000 Faith.

"A great man has approached the court with his scientific findings. While a genius, he is also a godly man, and is concerned by his findings which contradict scripture"

I see this matter weighs deeply on his soul. We will do what we must to ensure everything is resolved in truth and understanding.

Receive a free Technology.

+4 Science to Academies.

Nicolaus Copernicus
Polish Operation At least 1 Military Academy.

"Patriotic soldiers of the lower officer ranks have become convinced that the senior generals are gripped in a foreign conspiracy"

Foreign influence over the court concerns me greatly; this conspiracy may have some truth to it. Secretly, I would instruct my Military Advisor to see this matter escalates further.

2 Turns of Anarchy.

Receive 100 Culture and Golden Age Points per City.

+2 Culture and +2 Golden Age Points to Military Academies.

NKVD Order No. 00485
A New Identity Researched Combined Arms and is at war with a major civilization.

"War raises its ugly head again over Poland. Will she survive this onslaught?"

While a single Pole lives, so too does Poland! We will fight and die for all that is just and good in this world!

Cities gain +5 Strength and +100 HP.

All eligible units receive the Homeland Guardian.

Polynesia - In Search Of Mana[]

Great King who once moved the Naha Stone and united the many tribes under one bloodline, it has been many years since you last proved your worth before the clans.

They have forgotten your greatness, and say the mana has deserted you. You must show them why it was you who was chosen to rule Polynesia for all time!

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Test of Bravery Renaissance Era Let the champion of the people challenge me for leadership. Though I will win, I shall be merciful and grant them a great reward for their bravery! Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Loko Iʻa Requires at least 2 Fish, 1 Aqueduct, and 250 Science (scaled).

"Your researchers have rediscovered the ancient aquaculture techniques"

To show my care for the people, I will announce the reconstruction of the ancient ponds, bringing the plenty of the bountiful feast back to these lands!

+3 Food to Lighthouses.

+2 Production to Fish.

Tales of the Wayfinder Requires at least 1 Harbor and 2 Atolls.

"The people grow listless, longing to follow their ancestors and heroes across the seas"

As a people we have always longed to travel over the horizon, to know that land at the end of the rainbow. Under my rule, we will sail further out than ever before, ever in search of new lands and wonders!

+1 Food to Water Tiles.

+1 Culture and +1 Faith to Ocean Tiles.

+10% Boredom.

Kahuna Support Researched Economics and at least 250 Faith (scaled).

"Our great masters are scattered amongst the villages, and their skills are underused"

In order to bring glory back to Polynesia, I will rally the revered Kahuna from their isolation and bring them back into the life of the Empire!

+2 Culture to Workshops.

+20% Great Person Generation.

Fishing Industry Researched Industrialization and at least 1500 Culture.

"Our subsistence economy could benefit much from foreign techniques and ideas, though much could also be lost"

Though we live peaceful, happy lives, the world becomes smaller around us. Soon it will not be possible to live as we do, and the other great Empires of the world will swallow us up. We must engage them on their own terms or disappear forever.

+2 Gold to Fishing Boats, Lighthouse, Harbors, and Seaports.

+5% Poverty.

Paradise Beaches Requires at least 1 Airport. 

"We are blessed with beauty and paradise, foreigners will give much for just a taste of our happiness"

With these new airplanes, the peoples of the world are only hours away from our cities. This is paradise on Earth, sooner or later, they will come. If we are to prosper again, we must use this opportunity wisely.

+2 Tourism per workable coastal tile.

Portugal - Mother Of Wisdom[]

Your Most Faithful Majesty, we must report the rather worrying behavior of the Marquis of Pombal as of late. Though in the past he has proved an ally to the throne, I fear for his current intentions.

Perhaps the Queen would consider an extended vacation until we can resolve the matter?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Marquis Appointment Renaissance Era I will not flee before some second-rate statesman! We shall simply appoint a new marquis, it's not as if the position is cursed! Off with his head! Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Vandal Colonies Requires at least 1 Lighthouse and researched Metal Casting.

"An important ethnic group are semi-nomadic, at this time they are looking to move to their next home"

The Vandal ships are sitting in the Harbour, ready to depart. See to it that the Marquis wakes up on one.

-1 Population in all Cities.

+15% Production to Sea Units.

+2% Gold from City Connection per City.

Angelic Revelation Researched Steel, at war with a major civilization, and at least 500 Faith (scaled).

"Many of the nobles doubt our ability, as a woman, to win this war. It is no surprise they are considering a replacement"

By my divine right, I shall pray for a sign from God! When all Portugal see that I fight for His justice, they will rally behind me to defeat these foreign devils!

+1 Production to all Cities.

All eligible units receive the Stalwart promotion.

Age of Exploration Requires at least 1 Caravel, 300 Gold (scaled), 300 Culture (scaled), and have not hit the Modern Era.

"The Marquis's principle enemy at court is constantly petitioning the crown for men and money for crazed voyages beyond the horizon"

This 'navigator' chap seeks to do the impossible. Very well, if we put him in charge the ensuing chaos will surely take the wind out of the Marquis's sails.

An explorer is recruited in every City.

All eligible units receive the Scouting 3 Promotion.

A Golden Age begins for 10 Turns.

Reforms the Economy Researched Fertilizer and in negative GPT.

"The aristocracy as a whole feels threatened by the recent economic reforms proposed by your government"

The elite have every right to be concerned. Their mindless squandering of our nation's wealth could very well have doomed us all. Summon the minister for the interior. I either want to see those wretches in chains, or in tatters.

2 Turns of Anarchy.

Receive 2 copies of Wine.

+1 Food and +1 Gold to Villages, Towns, and Feitorias.

Colonial Naturalization Requires Atomic Theory.

"What remains of the Portuguese elite are disgusted that your government seems to be about to grant citizenship to our colonial vassals"

I intend for Portugal to go much further than simply granting citizenship. I envisage a single people, not divided by borders or race or circumstance. These self styled lords and ladies scarcely have a place in my new Empire.

+1 Food, +1 Gold, and +1 Golden Age Point to Harbors per City.

+5% Poverty.

+5% Illiteracy.

Rome - Vini, Vidi, Vici[]

Princeps Civitatis, one of the Consuls has died. There are many months remaining in the year, if we are to see a new consul favorable to us we must act quickly!

What is the will of the Emperor?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Consulship Renaissance Era None of these candidates bear any ill will toward my leadership. The Republic welcomes them equally. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Roman Forum Requires a Courthouse.

"The only plebian standing is a Great Merchant, and principal architect of the massively popular Forum"

We should see to it that the growth of Fora across the Empire is not impeded by political infighting.

+1 Food, +1 Culture, and +1 Faith to Markets.

-15% Cultural Cost of Expanding.

Thermae Researched Education, at least 1 Bath, 300 Science, 150 Culture.

"The patricians would ban all but the most respected families from our flourishing Thermae"

We cannot allow the pride of the nobility to come before the development of Rome. See to it no such candidate is elected.

+2 Science and +3 Food to Bath.
Mayor of the Palace At least 350 Gold (scaled), at the Renaissance Era, not hit the Modern Era, and is at war with a major civilization.

"The legions of Rome fade into history and our old vassals grow strong outside of our sphere of influence"

We need diplomats to bring the City States back to the fold, and soldiers to conquer the ones who resist. I want a consul who shares my views, Maior Domus!

Receive 4 copies of Paper.

2 Diplomats appear near the Capital.

3 Units appear near the Capital.

Irredenta Requires an Ideology and war with a city-state.

"Pitiful City States dare war with the great Rome, when once they would not have dared"

We are humiliated! A consul dead, likely at the hands of our enemies, and minor factions dare stand against us. I want a firebrand. I want a roman!

+5 Gold, +5 Culture, and +5 Golden Age Points to Embassies.

All Eligible Units receive the Infiltrator promotion.

Alphini Formation Researched Replaceable Parts and at war with a major civilization.

"We are fighting a war unlike any before in history, it calls for daring unlike any before in history"

Only a man of rare courage, a keen military commander and shrewd diplomat, can help me win this war. Go, find me such a man! Do not return until you have.

-2 Population in the Capital.

4 Riflemen appear near the Capital.

All Gun and Siege Units receive the Alphini promotion (Can pass Mountains and +20% Defense on Rough Terrain).

Russia - The Less We Love[]

Beautiful and wise Empress of the mighty Russian people, your humbled advisors bow before your majesty. We beg you to divulge the meaning of this secret meeting.

How can we serve your Imperial Majesty?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Political Sponsorship Renaissance Era I have my eye on young and motivated military officer, see to it he... develops. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Assimilation At least 1 Bath and 1 Ice.

"The extreme cold experienced by much of the Empire has developed a set of unique cultural practices"

This frigid homeland has made the Russian people strong and resilient. Vodka, Banya, tales of Baya Yaga by the roaring hearth: I want to solidify the Russian identity however it manifests.

+1 Food and +1 Culture to Tundra.

Cities gain +1 Culture to each Snow tile within working radius.

Justice Researched Chivalry.

"The serfs and lords are unruly and feud amongst one another"

You, my advisors, are to draw up a great Russkaya Pravda, to order the various parts of the Empire into a more stable and governable structure. Everyone has their place in my Russia, make sure they know what it is.

+1 Gold to Farms.

+5% Production to Castles.

+5% Poverty.

Conscription Researched Gunpowder, must not have hit Modern Era, and at be at war with a major civilization.

"The war would greatly benefit from a fresh influx of men"

I wish to conscript a grand Streltsy to turn the tide of this war. We shall crush our enemies with overwhelming numbers while simultaneously putting the upstart poor back in their place. Go forth, and arm every man of fighting age with a halberd and musket!

6 Tercios appear near the Capital.

Capital loses 2 Population.

+2 Food to Forts and Citadels.

Imaginism An Ideology and is Unhappy.

"As the country is plunged into a great social depression, the purity of the Russian spirit has manifested in its recent literature"

While I fail to see the attraction of these hopeless women and their crippling bouts of depression, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. If these books are causing a stir at home and abroad, I would like to see more of the same.

Writer's Guilds produce +1 Culture and Golden Age Point.


Militarization At least 1 Atomic Bomb and 2500 Gold.

"The decadent foreign pigs seek to bring the whole world under their foul ideology"

Now the world is home to these 'nuclear weapons', the enemies of peace finally have it within their power to end us. This will not be allowed to happen!

+3 Production, Science, and Golden Age Points to Forts and Citadels.

Shoshone - Be Careful With Greatness[]

Strong and cunning Chief, the elders are assembled around the Great Fire. The ritual awaits once more.

Spirits guide you, Pocatello.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Great Rescue Renaissance Era

"A figure is seen standing in the smoke, reaching out toward you"

The life of a Great Man is in danger! Prepare the horses, we go to find them, immediately.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Buffalo Hunt Researched Engineering and at least 1 Bison.

"Through the fire and flames, a small calf grows into a mighty beast, who is felled and then disperses into many objects around the camp"

The spirits are clear, our symbiosis with the Bison must be strengthened still!

+1 Gold, +1 Culture, +1 Faith, and +1 Golden Age Point to Bison.

Buffalo and Native Americans
Counting Coup National Epic and is at war with a major civilization.

"A great black figure stoops and spins trying to catch a dancing ember before falling back into darkness"

Our warriors have pleased our ancestors, let it be known that the practice of Counting Coup shall no longer be looked down upon by this council!

Melee and Gun Units receive the Counting Coup promotion (Earn 50% Culture from Killed's Strength, +33% Experience).

Counting Coup
Spiritual Renewal Researched Architecture, and 300 Faith (scaled).

"The figure of a crying woman is observed by a host of floating spectres."

The spirits are restless; our offerings are not reaching them. We must reaffirm the holiness of our burial grounds.

+1 Faith and +1 Golden Age Point to Encampments.

+5 Faith and +5 Golden Age Points to Landmarks and Holy Sites.

Code Talkers Researched Radio, must be at war with a major civilization, and at least 300 Science (scaled).

"Two smokey figures converse while a third shadow can be seen trying to listen in"

In our time of need, we are guided by our ancestors! What we have never realized is a strength has the power to defeat our enemies!

All Eligible Units gain the Sentry Promotion.

Code Talker

Solar Advancement Researched Ecology and at least 300 Science and 300 Gold (scaled).

"A dusky river evaporates into a barren field, then the burst of the fire leaves you blind for a few moments"

The spirits cry out. This world is dying. We must act if we are to secure the future for our children.

Solar Panels are free.

Siam - Gilding The Back Of Buddha[]

My King, the envoys have arrived. I have them waiting in the gardens. Tell me, Your Grace, will you be requiring... assistance? Or will you be giving them a chance to be cooperative?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Political Internship Renaissance Era Oh no, I do not anticipate any trouble. We are just asking for a hostage this time. Smooth things over. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
White Elephant AT least 100 Culture (scaled), 250 Gold (scaled), and must not hit the Renaissance Era.

"The elites of the various City States have developed a fascination with Ivory, driving elephants to local extinction"

We are going to have a discussion about the importance of conservation of endangered species. Like elephants... and emissaries...

Receive a copy of Ivory.

Two emissaries spawn near the Capital.

Elephants in Thailand
Porcelain Trust Fund At least 1 Workshop, 1 Manufactory, and 300 Faith.

"Sangkalok pottery has become very popular in the courts of our neighbors"

They are in fact here to buy our goods! Of their own accord this time!

Receive 3 copies of Porcelain.

+2 Culture to Workshops.

Vihara Researched Architecture, and at least 300 Gold (scaled).

"Local cultures have developed a unique Stupa, which has attracted the attention of our religious caste"

Bring in the chests of gold. Now we will discuss the location of their Stupa schematics.

Unlocks the Vihara to the Siamese.

+2 Culture and +1 Faith to Stupas.

Patriarch Reigns Children Researched Metallurgy

"It seems our traditional sources of income can no longer fulfil the requirements of a modern state" While it is true that we have had our differences in the past, it is time to discuss to put that behind us, and look forward to an ever-closer union.

+33% Great Diplomat Generation.

Cities generate +1 Gold and Faith per Friend.

Cities generate +1 Culture and Golden Age Point per Ally.

Father Governs Children

New Alliance Researched Replaceable Parts, and must be at war with a major civilization.

We have, over the years, made it abundantly clear that we are not to be trifled with. Yet our enemies have revealed themselves nonetheless. With the aid of these fine gentlemen, we shall organize an alliance that will wipe them off the face of the Earth!

+10 Production and +10 Gold to Train Stations.

Receive 150 Production in the Capital when a Spy completes an action.

Songhai - Gift Without Motive[]

Great and godly emperor, your people clamor for your justice and righteousness. Times are trying, and your people look for your strong guidance in the days that are to come.

Perhaps a small token of your charity would be appropriate?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Gifted Student Renaissance Era People need a role model, to know what is a worthy life. Bring me our brightest student, I will shower him with gifts in front of all Songhai. Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Slave Trade Researched Currency and at least one colosseum.

"Slavery has become widespread, but the lack of a clear legal infrastructure means these men answer to neither you nor God"

I will show my generosity first to the slaves, by defining who can be bought and sold and how they must be treated. Then I will show my generosity to the slavers, by giving them a square in every City to do their trade.

Melee and Gun Units receive the Slaver promotion (Capital gains Production upon killing someone).

+4 Production to Markets.

Cities produce +1 Unhappiness.

Songhai Slave Trade
Great Hajj The Grand Temple and at least 500 Gold. "The clerics of the Grand Temple wish for you to perform an act that will show that all glory goes to God, beyond all doubt"

I take no offense to this request, as it is just and holy. I will give a large portion of my wealth to the poor, as I travel to the holy city of the faith!

Unlocks the Adobe Mosques to the Songhais.

+3 Golden Age Points to non-Adobe Mosques.

Islamic Pillar Hajj
Gold Monopoly At least one constabulary and 1500 Gold.

"We are rich, but the mercurial and fleeting nature of wealth concerns us deeply."

To squander God's gifts is a great disgrace. We safeguard our wealth in Gold, and be ever vigilant in the protection of the sources of our prosperity.

Receive 2 free copies of Gold.

+5% Gold to Constabularies.

Songhai's Gold
Hidden Oil An ideology, at least 1500 Gold, 1000 Science, and one oil well.

"This black gold - oil - that can be found deep below the Empire is precious above all previous resources"

Just as we sook to protect the sources of our affluence in the past, so to must we adapt going into the future. This oil is a gift from God, that is certain.

Receive 5 copies of Oil.

+3 Production, Gold, and Golden Age Points to Oil Wells and Offshore Platforms.

Climate Accords Researched Ecology, at least one Oasis.

"The planet changes and the deserts threaten to encroach upon land that was previously fertile."

We have brought this doom upon us, it is up to us to fix it. We must live, love and learn about our Earth, or we shall surely perish.

+2 Food, +2 Tourism, and +2 Science to Desert Tiles.

Spain Tourism Industry

Spain - Deliver Us From Evil[]

Your Grace, I apologize for disturbing your prayer. A full meeting of the high council has been called, and your presence is requested.

May He bless you and keep you.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Miraculous Resurrection Renaissance Era "A miracle has occurred! A young student appears to have risen from the dead"

I pray constantly for supplication, this must be a sign! God's gift to us all. Bring the holy vessel to me!

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Iberian Fervor Researched Theology and is at war with a major civilization.

"Our enemies brazenly disregard our beliefs and bring dishonor onto God"

If we are to prevail it is because God wills it. Every retinue of Knights should contain not just squires and retainers, but priests as well: to show that we fight for God.

Mounted and Armored Units receive the Iberian Fervor promotion. (Heal an additional 10 HP per turn. Earn 150% Faith from Kills.)

Roman Catholicism The Grand Temple and at least 300 Faith (scaled) and 200 Gold (scaled). "The priests of the Grand Temple submit a request for huge amounts of gold and manpower for their architectural vision"

How inspired are the men of God! They shall have all they require, and more!

Unlocks the Ornate Cathedral to the Spaniards.

+1 Culture and +2 Gold to Non-ornate Cathedrals

Age of Discovery At least have one Lancer alive, have not hit the Modern Era and at least 300 Faith (scaled) and 200 Gold (scaled). "The Age of Discovery is upon us, and the deeds of our Conquistadors have captured the imagination of the nation"

Just and righteous are the warriors of the Crown. Let it be known that any who bring back the treasures of the New World will be rewarded, in this life and in the next.

Receive a free copy of Gold.

1 Corvette appears near every Coastal City.

Age of Discovery
Empower the Criollo Must be unhappy, an ideology, and at least one courthouse.

"Our settlements and conquests have led to large-scale discontent amongst the assimilated peoples, opinion is worsening"

We cannot bring back the gods and kings they have lost, but we can let them find a new way of life, in harmony with ours, and with love and hope for all.

+3 Culture to Courthouses.

+1 Culture to Plantations and Villages.

-3 Gold to Courthouses.

-1 Gold to Plantations and Villages.

Criollo people

Subsidy on Tourism At least one Airport and 200 Golden Age Points (scaled).

"The fixtures of our great imperial history are as grand as they are important, it is for this reason that the peoples of the world wish to visit Spain"

We cannot stop the tides of this brave new world any longer. The history of Spain is the history of the world. Let all come and see.

+3 Tourism and +3 Gold to Holy Sites, Citadels, and Missions.

Spain Tourism Industry

Sweden - From Midgard to Valhalla[]

From the Fjords to the frozen forests, Sweden sings of your grace and favor, my King. Yet, events external to our influence seek to throw the country into turmoil.

Your guidance will steady us all in what is to come.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Stalwart Renaissance Era

In times of trouble, we look to the stalwart spirit of the Swedish people to triumph over adversity.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Incorporation of Sami People 3 Deer

"A blight threatens the food supply..."

This disease has not affected the Snowy settlements of the Tundra, and the fishing tribes of the fjords. Their knowledge and skill can help us through this. If we are to live in this land, it must be as one people.

+1 Food and +1 Culture to Tundra.

+2 Food and +2 Culture to Snow.

Sami People
Epic Saga Researched Steel, at least one amphitheater, and must not hit the Industrial Era.

"The war has seen violent factions of listless warriors battling on the streets..."

Society cannot hold this much hate. Our warriors are restlessness is just: they yearn for an epic tale, with a glorious death. We can offer them this, whether it be at the end of the mighty river or across the frozen straights.

3 Berserkers appear near the Capital.

Foreign and Your Own International Trade Routes from or to the Capital yield +3 Gold.

Great Reduction Must be in negative GPT and researched Economics.

"The finances of the country become as moribund as the nobles responsible for them..."

A Great Reduction will revitalize our land; the gifted and engaged have but to gain from this! The torpid, however... I expect they will not make this easy for me.

+5 Unhappiness.

1000 Gold (scaled).

+3 Food, Production, and Science to Chanceries.

Great Reduction
Forest Industrialization Researched Railroad, has at least 7 forests, and is unhappy.

"Everyday more of my people leave their Fatherland searching for new opportunities and greener pastures..."

We cannot face these other industrialized nations on their own terms. If we are going to become a dynamic, modern country it must be on our terms, with our resources, and the skills we have honed over the ages.

+1 Production, +1 Gold, +1 Science to Forest Lumbermills.

Social Democracy Is in Information Era and 200 National Population

"More and more fall through the cracks in society, despite your best efforts..."

We are one people. When one man goes without a meal, we all starve. The time is right to usher in a new, social era.

-30% Poverty.

-1 Gold to Villages.

-3 Gold to Towns.

Nordic Model

Venice - La Dominante[]

Your Serenity, the grandi are becoming rather impatient. In times gone by they would have waited for the Doge's death to pass judgment on his legacy, but... well.

Perhaps we could distract them with some new project?

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Grand Invitation Renaissance Era

Let me think. We have heard of a fascinating Commendatore traveling the world. They would cause something of a stir in The City of Masks.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Grand Canals Researched Guilds, at least 600 Gold, and must not hit the Industrial Era.

The Canals of Venice are set to be introduced across the Empire. If we included rooms and ships for the guilds in this project, I am sure they would be far too busy to consider an inquisition in our private affairs.

Free Gardens in all Coastal Cities.

A Great Galleass appears near every Coastal City.

Heraclea Nothing Required.

Allow me to tell them a story. A story of our backgrounds in a city among the Laguna del Mort.

10 Turns of WLTKD in the Capital.

A Pioneer and 2 Combat Units spawn near the Capital.

Venice's 1st Capital.
Patronage At least one Musician's Guild.

The Great Musician who has been traipsing about the Palace would be a rare prize for the guildsmen. If we were to rejuvenate his career, I am sure attention would be swiftly diverted.

Capital produces +1 Culture per Citizen.

Capital produces Great Writers, Artists, and Musicians +33% faster.

Glasswork At least one Factory and 300 Gold (scaled).

We were just in the process of subsidizing the glassblowers, were we not. Perhaps some of the gold that somehow found itself to my bank vault could disappear into that, no? I am fond of those little figurines they make, and so sort after!

Receive 4 copies of Glass.

+3 Culture to Workshops.

Venetian Glass.

Capital Funds Researched Ecology.

"The senate has just passed a bill requiring a percentage of public spending to go to the preservation and reconstruction of the historic districts"

If some of the funding found itself directed to the guildhalls. Well. I am certain that one good deed would encourage another.

Capital receives 50% Food equivalent to the Gold invested/purchased in the Capital.

Zulus - Many More Hills To Climb[]

Sawubona, Warchief. Ancestors guide you. The Sangomas have returned from their sacred places with the meaning of your dream. Come Shaka, hear the will of the spirits.

Choice Requirement Description Effect Misc.
Gifted Child Renaissance Era

"There is a child, born under the blessings of all the ancestors. They have the power to both destroy and heal!"

We will seek out this child with the second sight. They will aid us.

Receive a free Great Person of choice. Can be repeated after 150 Turns have passed.
Trial by Fire At least 1 Camp, researched Drama.

"The spirits are restless. Too many Zulu dwell idle in the Cities, away from the open plains..."

It is clear. We have strayed from our heritage. We must bring back the old rites of passage, of feats of strength upon the savannah.

All cities produce +1 Food for every 3 Grassland and +1 Production for every 3 Plains within working proximity.

Up to 300 Culture will be lost.

Mfecane Researched Gunpowder, at war with a major civilization, and must not hit the Modern Era.

"This war will be unlike any other. If any Zulu dreamt of bringing honor to his ancestors, it is now, in this great conflict...."

Send the messengers from the greatest Palace to the smallest Farmstead. All men are called to war!

1 Zulu Impi is recruited near every City in exchange for 1 Population.

Sangoma Researched Chemistry, and at least 400 Gold (scaled)

"Your ancestors are pleased with the honor you have shown in your leadership, but there is still more to be done. You must look to the Villages..."

We shall continue to settle the plains, and live the old ways. Each Sangoma will take back the Gold of our conquests, to build anew.

Receive 2 copies of Tea.

+1 Food and +1 Production to Villages.

Mine Liberation Researched Steam Power

"There is no doubt your enemies have proven themselves duplicitous and cowardly, but the true horror is hidden below, where they defile the Earth..."

It is good that the spirits alerted us to this. Slaves mining for their masters' greed is truly evil.

Receive a copy of Coal, Copper, Gem, and Gold.

+5% Distress

African Slave Labor

African Mining Industry

We are One Must be unhappy, at least one Stadium.

"Many wars. Many peoples. All their ancestors weeping over their collective pain. It is time to heal..."

Let us come together as one people, one family, irrespective of color or creed. In Zululand, we are one.

Free Churches.

-10% Boredom.

African Unity Movement