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Game InfoEdit

Reduces Poverty.

Boosts Pressure of Religious Majority emanating from this city by 25%, and increases the city's resistance to conversion by 20%.

Farms near this City generate +1 20xGold and 20xProduction.


Can only be built in cities following a religion with the Cathedrals belief. Construct this building by purchasing it with 20xFaith Faith.

Build Farms in triangles, Farms get +1 20xFood for every 2 nearby.

Historical InfoEdit

The Cathedral is a form of Christian church differentiated by the presence of the Bishop's throne. The Latin term "Cathedra" means "chair," in reference to the throne itself - the cathedral then being the building containing this throne. Most cathedrals feature a unique architectural style when compared to other surrounding structures, frequently becoming noted landmarks within the area. While primarily used as places of worship, cathedrals are also host to varying social functions within the community.