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Game InfoEdit

Unique Brazilian Explorer. Generates 20xGold Gold , 20xCulture Culture and 20xScience5 Science in the nearest owned City whenever you reveal tiles with this Unit, and has an additional 120xMovement5 Movement relative to the Explorer. Can also construct Forts in owned territory. Starts with Survivalism III.


Medieval-Era Unit that is unique to Brazil, replacing the Explorer. Is faster and stronger than the Explorer, and is available earlier. Generates 20xGold Gold, 20xCulture Culture and 20xScience5Science from exploring unrevealed tiles, being more cost-effective than most buildings. These yields are added to the nearest owned city. Also has the ability to construct Fort Improvements in owned territory, and is stronger versus Barbarians. Use these units to explore, clear any remaining Barbarian Encampments, and generate valuable yields for your frontier cities.

Historical InfoEdit

The Bandeirantes ("those who carry the flag") were 17th-century Portuguese settlers in Brazil and fortune hunters. They led expeditions called bandeiras ("flags") which penetrated the interior of Brazil far south and west of the Tordesillas Line of 1494, which officially divided the Castilian or later Spanish (west) domain from the Portuguese (east) domain in South America. Though they originally aimed to capture and force Indigenous Americans into slavery, the bandeirantes later began to focus their expeditions on finding gold, silver, and diamond mines. As they ventured into unmapped regions in search of profit and adventure, they expanded the effective borders of the Brazilian colony.