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Advisor Events are a set of Player Events exclusive to the Community Events. This is a list of all possible Advisor Events.

These Events are meant to reflect upon a historical and flavor element to your Advisors being at actual work instead of reminding you that you are producing a nice amount of science. The advisors require a specific era to be accessed. You can easily opt in or opt out.

Some Event Choices may have an E&D choice attached requiring an E&D morality to choose (The AI will automatically take this over the other). Red-texts indicate a malevolent alignment and blue-text indicate a benevolent alignment.

Economic Advisor Events - Nation of Commerce (Classical Era)[]


Recently, your Economic Advisor has been bombarding your office with folder upon folder of new schemes and projects.

She awaits your decision.

Event Requirement Description Choices Misc.
The Treasury Grows None

The Economic Advisor has found out the wealth in the city here has brought many goods to the market and thus many products and services to tax!

+50 Gold scaling per Era.
Thrifty Reforms Must be Unhappy. The Economic Advisor took under serious reforms for the city which helped improve the economic well-being. -15% Poverty for 20 Turns.
A Caravan Company Must have a Trade Route established in the City.

Prosperous trade in the city brought forth a caravan company sponsored by our Economic Advisor.

Caravan Company established for 50 Turns (One Merchant Slot, +1 Gold)

A City Upon A Hill Must have at least 200 Gold.

A pious traveler entered the city and awed people with her words of wisdom. She made a remark to how can a city so prosperous that it is not a light of the world? Surely a few trickles of the wealth from the city's treasury will make this city shine out of the rest. Your Economic Advisor makes note of this and brings word to you.

She speaks the truth. Do whatever she says. (-500 Gold, +150 Faith) 

She makes a fair point. (-200 Gold, +50 Faith)

Good point. Her head would shine better at the end of a pole. (50 Faith)

I don't believe her nonsense.

Trade Agreement Must have at least 300 Gold.

Your Economic Advisor had just brokered a great deal with a City-State, but need additional funding to comply with their needs. How do you respond?

That sounds like a fair arrangement to say. (-300 Gold, +4 Happiness for 30 Turns)

Who said anything about a deal? I can't afford it at this moment.

Taxation with Representation None

Your Economic Advisor took a look into the economic affairs of this city and realized the city was spending more than it could make! She asks for your response in this problematic matter.

Well, we're going to have to even out the budget for this city temporarily. (+1 Gold per Citizen, +20% Poverty for 30 Turns)

Couldn't we do some fundraising and ask the public for donations? I'm sure our people are kind enough to help us out when we helped them out before. (+1 Gold per Citizen for 10 Turns)

Let the governor handle that out. This is not my problem. (+5% Poverty for 30 Turns)

Counterfeit Gold Must have at least 500 Gold scaling per era. As your Economic Advisor collected the taxes on the city, she found that these gold were counterfeit! No source could be found of where this counterfeit gold came from. -50 Gold scaling per era.
Tax Fraud Must have a Bank. The Economic Advisor found the city governor to be suspected of misreporting their taxes over a long period of time! She asks what you should with him. I suppose we could pardon him. (WLTKD begins for 10 Turns)Crucify him. No matter the power, the punishment is the same for all. (WLTKD begins for 10 Turns)

Oh well. (2 Unhappiness in the City for 10 Turns)

Being Too Frugal Must be in negative GPT. The economy isn't doing so well and your Advisor found here that the people here are avoiding spending at all reducing the amount of taxes collected!

Couldn't we encourage the citizens to spend for the sake of the public?

I have a better idea. Why don't we enforce a negative interest rate? Force them to spend.

That's not good news! (-5 Gold in the City for 10 Turns)

Science Advisor Events - A Single Light of Science (Medieval Era)[]


Your Scientific Advisor, after months of absence, has finally returned to the council. He has outlined several highly speculative research projects to be assigned to our best and brightest.

He awaits your decision.

Military Advisor Events - The Fire Rises (Renaissance Era)[]


Our Military Advisor desires a secret, rigorous and often fatal training program to be introduced, with a view to producing elite shock-troops.

He awaits your decision.

Foreign Advisor Events - Over The Horizon (Industrial Era)[]


At the most recent council meeting, your Foreign Advisor outlined her plan to lead a caravan of explorers, traders and diplomats on a great expedition to bring back knowledge, wealth and allies.

She awaits your decision.